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    Automate MACDs. Save time. Promote repeatable processes.

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    Automate onboarding / offboarding with zero touch processes.

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    Access reports that show the utilization of your UC services.

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    Manage cost allocation of communications across business units.

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    Self-manage UC services, applications and settings. Consume new services from the cloud.

Single pane of glass management of Cisco and Microsoft UC services – on-premise, cloud, hybrid

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Experience the power of VOSS Analytics – Understand your UC consumption and activity levels across the various customers, sites, and users


The VOSS Analytics module pulls data from multiple applications, devices and infrastructure, into a single dashboard, giving a big picture view of resource utilization:

  • Search and drill-down to investigate sub-sets of the UC platform that may be under or over-performing
  • Use exception reporting to determine where licenses are being under-consumed or where inventory is required in the near future
  • Export data to third party systems to integrate with mediation and telecom expense management systems

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    VOSS-4-UC product video
    With VOSS, managing your UC environment becomes as easy as 1,2,3
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    Enterprise solution video
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    Solution video
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There’s a transformation of the workplace – how can we help you?

The transformation in the workplace is reshaping enterprise communications, and organizations need to adapt to provide secure access to the latest corporate systems, and cloud collaboration tools, from any device or location. VOSS absorbs this complexity, enabling organizations to easily - yet securely - deliver the latest generation of collaboration tools and services to multiple devices per end user. At VOSS, we ensure that collaboration tools are delivered faster, easier, and more consistently. We also make sure that your communications environment is future-proofed for the next wave of workplace tools and end user devices, as and when they hit the market.

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Customer stories

  • BT

    VOSS is perfectly placed to support BT, as it is unique in its ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a UC platform, which has enabled BT to manage an ever-expanding and complex network of multi-national enterprise customers, from a single point of control.Read more

    John Blake, Head of Hosted IP Telephony – Evolution, BT Global Services

  • Cameo Solutions

    VOSS is awesome. We use VOSS / CUCDM and it really makes multi-tenant UC easier. Read more

    Ryan Burtch, Cameo Solutions

  • CDK

    Implementing VOSS has allowed us to reduce the install time for new customers by over 50%. Now we can let our IP Telephony Engineers be engineers and they can focus on more complex tasks like customer-specific call flows. Read more

    NOC Operator, CDK

  • CSC

    We did a major migration from old CUCM cluster to the new HCS solution. The migration process using CUCDM/VOSS was a great success.Read more

    Systems Engineer, CSC

  • du Telecom

    VOSS gives du a meaningful competitive edge, to introduce new collaboration services seamlessly, removing deployment blockers, improving customer satisfaction and maximizing revenues.Read more

    Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du

  • FlexITy

    VOSS allows us to cost-effectively manage and administer our customers, no matter how complex. By allowing our customers to do their own administration—Moves, Adds and Changes—we free up our voice experts to concentrate on more complex tasks.Read more

    Mark Hayward, Vice President of Operations and IS Deployment

  • Lattelecom

    VOSS has equipped us with the necessary tools to provide multiple business customers a range of next generation UC&C services and applications, no matter how complex their requirements.Read more

    Gatis Jāzeps, Solutions Sales Consultant, Lattelecom

  • NWN Corporation

    With VOSS, NWN can turn-up customers quickly and manage them efficiently once in-service, and with the secure management portal NWN can empower our customers who wish to manage certain aspects of their service directly.Read more

    Tim Salapek, Director-Hosted Collaboration Services, NWN

  • Ooredoo

    The VOSS/Cisco platform completely changes our enterprise telephony business model. Not only can we offer customers a much richer, more flexible service, with a lower cost of ownership, but it allows us to easily upgrade existing customers with new collaboration services. Read more

    Mr Mohammed M Al-Haifi, Ooredoo

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    Christopher Martini Joins VOSS

    Leads Growing Skype for Business Opportunity
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    A Postcard from the Cisco APAC Collab Summit: Why Hybrid Spark is so Exciting

    Christopher May, VP Asia Pacific, VOSS Solutions

    I was fortunate enough to attend the APAC Cisco Collaboration Summit two years ago and have just returned from Cisco's latest Collaboration Summit. It's been "a long time between drinks", but wow, both events have been memorable for me. In 2014 the excitement centred on the DX80 – Cisco’s push into word class design. In 2016, the excitement is firmly rooted to Cisco Spark, which has really come a long way in the last 12 months, but for me, the event was all about the potential of "Hybrid Spark".

    To be honest, until my trip to Bali, I had been skeptical about Spark. My concern being that Spark seemed a bit “me-too” against Slack and Hip Chat. Plus Spark is up against Office productivity tools, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. And we all know that nothing is going to be an email killer in business, for at least the next 10 years, let alone change the use of MS Office applications. And Spark was only ever going to be targeting small business (i.e. less than 20 seats), so it was never going to impact me.

    But after a week at the Collaboration Summit, I’m a complete convert to Spark.

    Here are 10 reasons why:

    1. Spark replaces Jabber and becomes the equivalent of a corporate Whatsapp, with full, persistent chat and no issues with battery life
    2. Spark ensures messaging security, with carrier grade encryption
    3. Spark includes two really amazing features in proximity awareness and call awareness. The Spark client is aware if a Cisco video device is nearby (don’t ask me how) and it offers you the option of flipping the call to the more compelling video device, without dropping the call. Similarly, if you are on a call at your desk and have to go somewhere, the Spark Client on your mobile device will be aware of the call and you can flip the call to your mobile device.
    4. Spark is interoperable with other vendors, through Acano, which means Spark can actually call a Skype user … how good is that?
    5. Outlook integration is easy and it’s much easier now to schedule WebEx meetings … something that I always found frustrating. You just type @WebEx in your calendar and Spark sets up the meeting for you automatically
    6. There is going to be a fixed/mobile convergence solution based on the Apple devices. Basically, your iPhone will become just like another Cisco desk phone, with all the enterprise voice features. Anywhere anytime becomes so much simpler.
    7. The new CCA-SP audio bridge capability is impressive. Cisco WebEx will now support its own audio bridge, with super high quality audio.
    8. There are many API-based application opportunities. With the integration of Tropo, Spark will now be able to compete with the pure API vendors, such as Twillio. We can expect a bunch of cool enterprise applications to be made available to Spark users from all the 3rd party developers.
    9. And saving the best for last … Hybrid Spark
    10. It’s going to be so impactful, so it’s worth mentioning Hybrid Spark twice!

    Yes, the real eye-opener for me at this year’s Collab Summit was that Cisco has now reversed its original Spark go to market approach (ignoring their base) and fully adopted the concept of Hybrid Spark as their new go to market strategy. What this means is that, rather than only focusing only on the small enterprise market, replacing the legacy PBX, they will now fully integrate with an organization’s PBX, whether this is on premise, or in the cloud with a Service Provider.

    Make no mistake; Spark is now fully compatible for both Cisco HCS partners and organizations that want to keep their Cisco UC on-premise. Everyone can benefit. And, as Peter Hughes (Head of Cloud for APAC) said; "Spark is going to be as revolutionary to the Enterprise Communications industry as IP Telephony was, 15 years ago."

    Frankly, I think the way Cisco will be really successful with Spark, and where they will challenge Microsoft, is through Hybrid Spark. Here’s where I see the value of Hybrid Spark:

    1. Integration between Spark and HCS clouds will mean that larger companies get the benefit from Spark, but retain all of the sophistication of their HCS-based UC applications. It’s Win-Win-Win for Cisco, Enterprises and for Users.
    2. Executives are going to love the new Spark client on their smartphones, given that it will open up access to device and call awareness capabilities back to their CUCM devices, but as a messaging applications, it will genuinely offer all of the Whatsapp features and ease of use, but with carrier grade security
    3. WebEx meetings become so much easier for HCS-based customers through the Spark client
    4. The role of the service provider and Enterprise IT team is fully cemented within the Hybrid Spark solution and they are the ones with the market credibility for enterprise communications and the sales and support staff that organizations demand
    5. The tens of thousands of Cisco Certified Voice Engineers will now no longer see Spark as a threat … this was always going to be the major blocker to Cisco’s Spark strategy.

    My final thought after a fantastic week of discussions and networking and strategizing with clients in Bali: VOSS CUCDM operational management system is now going to play a major role in the delivery of Hybrid Spark.

    We demonstrated our current Spark integration at the Bali event (showing our ability to be first to market with our new business framework architecture), and received many accolades from clients and Cisco team members alike. We can’t wait to get all our Cisco HCS partners, our Managed Services Partners and our direct Enterprise customers onto Hybrid Spark.

    Please get in touch to discuss this in more detail.

  • VOSS Press Coverage

    Christopher Martini Joins VOSS to Lead Growing Skype for Business Opportunity

    UC Strategies
    August 2016

  • VOSS Press Coverage

    Christopher Martini Joins VOSS

    Telecom Reseller
    August 2016

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    Cisco Live Berlin

    February 20-24, 2017
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What industry experts say about VOSS

  • "So, please, please go look at a BCOM system, such as VOSS-4-UC, so that you get your money’s worth out of the highly communication-dependent users in your company, while also assuring you are managing the TCO of your communications technologies. It will be worth your time and investment. "

    Marty Parker, UC Strategies

  • "For those who are looking for a single pane of glass to manage a multi vendor collaboration environment, VOSS does as good a job as I've seen so far."

    Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

  • "[For a collaboration deployment]... one of the biggest keys to success is having the right management and administrative tools in place from Day-0."

    Robin Gareiss, EVP Nemertes Research

  • "…unless automated OSS tools and processes are deployed, cloud-based collaboration will not be successful."

    Dan O'Connell, Research Director, Gartner

  • "Anyone with cloud problems should perhaps turn to VOSS Solutions, which took home the award for its cloud fulfillment platform."

    Mary Lenighan, Total Telecom

  • "Reducing operational time only becomes possible with user profiling and the automation of configuring those profiles. This should be a priority for organizations."

    Marty Parker, UniComm Consulting

  • "A large number of customers are migrating to Skype for Business, but retaining their existing voice infrastructure...the tools that VOSS provide are essential to a successful technology transition and user migration."

    Kevin Kieller, EnableUC

  • "VOSS enables staff to move beyond the challenges of operations to focus on enablement and adoption, while avoiding errors and delays that reduce both user satisfaction and adoption."

    Blair Pleasant, Principal Analyst at CommFusion