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VOSS Adaptations and Integrations

Customize your UC platform to suit your exact needs without complex, labor-intensive coding.


The adaptation of VOSS-4-UC will not only increase the level of end-to-end automation of your operational processes, genuinely lowering your TCO, but it will also allow your communications platform to be much more dynamic. The ability to introduce new services or improve features will be much easier, faster, and can be achieved in the knowledge that these business changes can be incorporated into the company’s standard operational use cases without the need for manual workarounds.

Critically, any adaptation of the underlying models, templates, workflow, etc. of your VOSS-4-UC system will not affect the support and maintenance of the solution architecture. And, the agile VOSS framework ensures that any customer-specific adaptation does not break the ability of VOSS, and its partners, to support and maintain the solution architecture.

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Real-life Examples of VOSS Adaptations

  • Integrating Contact Center with VOSS-4-UC

    This Adaptation was carried out for KCOM, to provide integrated contact center management and UC management from a single portal. KCOM now has an end-to-end back office and front office estate, managed by VOSS. 

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  • Creating Efficiency with Adaptation

    Want to hear how to improve number management? Read how VOSS introduced new Adaptation which enabled the customer to have a "one stop shop" for number management, taking a 102-step process and turning it into a one step process. 

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  • Dial plan Adaptation

    Read how VOSS worked with a customer who disliked their "out of the box" dial plan. VOSS introduced a new set of tools into their VOSS-4-UC platform that allowed management of dial plan elements in a new and much more flexible way. 

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  • Linked Sites

    Some organizations wish to group a number of sites so that they share the same site code, to allow simplified extension-only dialling within the group of sites. Read how VOSS enabled this by introducing a simple Adaptation.

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  • Phone-based Registration

    VOSS helped a customer to deploy phones much more rapidly, and allowed end users to install their own devices, removing the requirement for MAC address tracking activities between the users and the service provider.

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  • Phone Replacement Utility

    Find out how we introduced an Adaptation to rapidly replace phones with new models, without requiring a service request into their provider, giving quick fulfilment of the request with no overhead on the provider. 

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