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HCS Services

VOSS has a proven track record with, and a deep knowledge of, the Cisco HCS platform, and the VOSS Professional Services team has gathered a wealth of experience with HCS deployments, upgrades and migrations.

Cisco is opening up new eco-system components to the HCS solution, to unlock greater levels of flexibility and greater opportunity for HCS partners.

To support this transition, VOSS has been working closely with Cisco to develop a program to support those HCS partners who choose to transition from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC, the direct UC management platform from VOSS.

The program is called H.O.M.E., the HCS Open Management Evolution program. In just three easy steps, CUCDM customers can transition to VOSS-4-UC:

  1. Plan – Work with VOSS to create and document a transition plan
  2. Install and configure – VOSS will work with you to install and integrate the VOSS-4-UC platform
  3. Transition and support – VOSS will provide onsite and remote training and system reviews to ensure the H.O.M.E program is perfectly executed

By moving to VOSS-4-UC, HCS partners can expect to:

  • Maintain UC management continuity
  • Expand UC management capabilities
  • Increase UC adoption across your customers

H.O.M.E. is supported by the Cisco BU, Cisco AS and developed jointly with Cisco.

There are many reasons to transition to VOSS-4-UC; it includes all existing functionality CUCDM currently offers, but with so much more. CUCDM customers transitioning to VOSS-4-UC would benefit from:

  • Coordinated management for Spark Hybrid
  • Improved reporting, data mining and troubleshooting with VOSS Analytics
  • Customized UC management to better adapt to operational processes and integrate with back office systems
  • UC management of both Cisco and Microsoft UC (including Skype for Business)

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