VOSS Solutions

Interested in the cloud productivity benefits from Office 365?

Unlock the power of Office 365 with Skype for Business online to improve your collaboration

Deploy Microsoft’s Office 365 Productivity Suite to create an all-in-one collaboration and communication solution. This includes features like Skype for Business Online, Cloud PBX for voice and video, email, online meetings and much more.

With VOSS, you can expect:

  • Flexibility in selecting the Microsoft UC applications you would like to use and working directly with VOSS for licensing
  • A simplified rollout with automation templates, zero-touch provisioning, and licensing management
  • Expert guidance to help you plan and execute your ideal solution at your pace
  • Unlimited access to the VOSS-4-UC management tool with role-based administration and easy-to-use interface
  • Ability to easily manage multi-vendor or hybrid environments through a single pane of glass
  • Access to tools to help you measure usage, adoption, and health of the deployment

Skype Operations Framework

By choosing VOSS, you gain access to a professional services team that incorporate deployment methodologies based on Microsoft’s Skype Operations Framework to successfully plan, deliver, and operate your solution.

Plan - VOSS helps you thoughtfully and strategically plan your implementation. Whether it's your first UC deployment, or you need to migrate from an existing environment (Lync 2010/2013 on-prem, CISCO, or other legacy tool) VOSS plans and executes every step. User personas, site-by-site design, and UC workflows are built and you new Microsoft is created to fit your unique needs.

Deliver - VOSS delivers your new solution on your strategic timeline. Using VOSS-4-UC, you can design and deploy a greenfield Microsoft UC solution to simplify your user onboarding and minimize impact to end users during transition. Utilizing pre-tested design, automation templates, and system integration capabilities, you can speed up your implementation and create a solution catered to meet your needs.   

Operate - With VOSS-4-UC, you can easily manage day to day operations in your new environment. A single portal transforms multiple steps across various applications into simple workflows, cutting back the time required for resource-draining tasks like MACDs. Complex, technical decisions are automated for repeatability, allowing you to deploy design rules consistently and with diminished error. 

A Closer look at The VOSS Experience

At the center of the VOSS for Microsoft solution, you receive VOSS-4-UC; a revolutionary management tool designed to simplify complex and time-consuming tasks spanning multi-vendor or hybrid UC configurations.

VOSS-4-UC provides an intuitive interface so administrators can execute complicated and tedious changes without the advanced technical expertise usually required, from a single point of control.