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VOSS Ranked #1 UC Operational Management Vendor


Independent UC analyst firm, Nemertes Research, confirms that VOSS consistently delivers the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) for enterprise communications

  • Organizations that choose VOSS spend 19% less on their UC implementation costs, compared to organizations that use competing vendors
  • Organizations that choose VOSS spend 7% less per year on UC operating costs, compared to organizations using competing vendors


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VOSS - The Only Vendor to Offer a Full UC Management Suite

VOSS is unique in integrating UC fulfillment, UC assurance, and UC accounting, across multiple UC vendors; all from a single, flexible web portal. Unified communications is inherently complex. With VOSS, your organization can overcome this complexity by managing all UC applications from multiple UC vendors, with a full suite of UC management capabilities. No other UC management vendor comes close to offering the depth of management that VOSS provides.

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Customer stories

  • BT

    "VOSS is perfectly placed to support BT, as it is unique in its ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a UC platform, which has enabled BT to manage an ever-expanding and complex network of multi-national enterprise customers, from a single point of control." Read more

    John Blake, Head of Hosted IP Telephony – Evolution, BT Global Services

  • Western Australia Government

    "It was simply a matter of deploying the VOSS software – then the magic happens" Read more

    Jeremy Pestana, GCN Project Manager, Western Australia Government

  • Bucher + Suter

    "We are excited to partner with VOSS Solutions to benefit from a direct relationship with our UC management provider, allowing us to operate an agile cloud communications platform. Overall, VOSS-4-UC empowers b+s and our partners to create dynamic Cisco HCS solution packages." Read more

    Ralph Müller, Sales & Business Development Cloud, Bucher + Suter

  • du Telecom

    "VOSS gives du a meaningful competitive edge, to introduce new collaboration services seamlessly, removing deployment blockers, improving customer satisfaction and maximizing revenues." Read more

    Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du

  • Node4

    "We provide state of the art technology to help businesses access top-tier collaboration software of the quality and capability they deserve. Therefore, we wanted to be sure we were selecting the very best UC management technology for our new Shared Architecture solution. We were most impressed with the latest version of VOSS-4-UC, together with the VOSS team’s deep technical know-how of latest HCS thinking." Read more

    Mark Phelps, Collaboration Product Manager, Node4

  • Ooredoo

    "The VOSS/Cisco platform completely changes our enterprise telephony business model. Not only can we offer customers a much richer, more flexible service, with a lower cost of ownership, but it allows us to easily upgrade existing customers with new collaboration services." Read more

    Mr Mohammed M Al-Haifi, Ooredoo

  • KCOM

    KCOM selected VOSS to provide integrated contact center management and UC management, from a single web-based portal. "The innovations from VOSS allow us to pass on flexibility, accuracy and speed to our customers' agents and reduce effort required by their customers and long may it continue." Read more

    Stu Smith, Head of Innovation and Development, KCOM

  • Cameo Solutions

    "VOSS is awesome. We use VOSS / CUCDM and it really makes multi-tenant UC easier."

    Ryan Burtch, Cameo Solutions

  • FlexITy

    "VOSS allows us to cost-effectively manage and administer our customers, no matter how complex. By allowing our customers to do their own administration—Moves, Adds and Changes—we free up our voice experts to concentrate on more complex tasks." Read more

    Mark Hayward, Vice President of Operations and IS Deployment, FlexITy

VOSS Customers


Latest from VOSS

  • VOSS Blog

    A Look Back at Ignite

    Christopher Martini, VP VOSS Solutions 

    Another year and another Microsoft Ignite is in the books. Over the years I have attended most Microsoft conferences as an employee, customer and partner….and through all their name changes and iterations. As a result, I am always excited to see what each year’s incarnation brings to the community.

    Travelling to the conference from Silicon Valley also means that most years I am fortunate enough to have some great tech related conversation on my flights to and from. This year was no exception. On the flight out, I was fortunate to get the high-level view of Microsoft’s AI announcements from an old friend, and on the return, I chatted with a brilliant CEO about the future of enterprise video delivery.

    For many of us who attend year after year, the challenge remains the same: How do I adjust the signal to noise ratio so that I can get the most out of this event. The broad range of topics is the first obstacle. Couldn’t you sit and listen to thought leaders break down the exciting future of Artificial Intelligence for a whole day? What about the Internet of Things and the associated solutions that are already changing the way we live and work? There is so much to take in from sessions, keynotes, breakouts, expo floor, demos, dinners, etc… Occasionally some of us might also try to work in some time for a beverage or two with old colleagues and new. So, I tend to view the event through the lens of ‘What is new and exciting to me as a business/technology leader for VOSS Solutions?’ and ‘What is new and exciting in the industry as a whole?’

    I will start with the latter.

    The IoT and Edge computing solutions that Microsoft showed off were a clear indication of how seriously they take this space, and that their ability to innovate in the space matches that view. Azure IoT is generally available and I feel that there is tremendous power in this offering. If you think about how the initial iPhone SDK changed the landscape of mobile application development, this same potential exists in the IoT domain.

    AI AI AI! There were too many AI announcements and demonstrations to take in, but it should come as no surprise that Microsoft is focused on the space. One thing that I thought was interesting was that Microsoft employees were all singing from the same songbook when it came to the potential of AI to change the world for the better. In nearly every discussion I had, from the flight over to the end of the conference, the humanitarian benefit of AI was top of mind for Microsoft, and their announcements support that. 

    Ultimately, there were no Earth shattering changes, but another solid year of progress and I believe that Microsoft’s rebirth as a cooler, cloud-focused, customer-centric company is nearly complete.

    What did the conference mean from a Unified Communications and VOSS perspective?

    Well, this year I was again fortunate to attend the conference with VOSS’ own Pat Richard. Pat is a very well-known and respected S4B/Teams expert and a bit of a rock star. It is like attending Comic Con with Stan Lee.

    As you’d expect, Pat was in high demand at the event. He participated in the “Ask Me Anything” session, where 14 MVPs are present to answer any technical questions asked by attendees. This event is always hugely popular. Pat was also invited to participate in some interesting panel sessions, which were captured on video:

    For the second year in a row, VOSS hosted a group of Microsoft MVP’s, employees, and industry influencers for some cocktails and conversation at the Brick House. It should come as no surprise that this was the highlight of the event from my perspective. The conversation from table to table was about as animated and passionate as you would expect when you get that many strong technologists in the same room. Overall, my perception was that customer facing technologists feel the concern that the change from S4B to Teams created, and the associated pause while organizations digested the change, has nearly subsided. Many customers are at least at a point where they feel that they can move forward and understand what that looks like no matter what platform they continue with for the near term.

    Customers want us to expand our footprint. VOSS is fortunate to be the only provider in the space that offers a full stack of management tools for UC. Migrate, manage, assurance/analytics, billing, etc…VOSS has solutions across the full UC story. Despite that, I had numerous discussions with customers and partners where they were asking for us to extend our functionality into new and exciting areas. Those conversations are feeding passionate debate across teams internally and I look forward to what we bring to market as a result.

    Finally, the demand for solid management solutions, and the understanding of the associated value proposition continues to grow. Historically, we spent a lot of time trying to educate customers on the gaps in existing toolsets or the benefits of particular types of automation. In many ways, it was our job to define the landscape of possibility for customers. In a trend that started last year, I spoke with more and more customers who are looking for our help to patch particular gaps in their existing tools and workflows. They are starting to see clearly that our products, when properly implemented, can help them recapture these lost buckets of ROI that are critical in helping them achieve their goals. We aren’t just talking about soft dollar productivity gains, rather we are talking to them about hard dollar efforts that go straight to the bottom line. As we all know, there is nothing more exciting to talk about with a customer.

    In conclusion, Ignite was a success for VOSS and it felt like a success overall for Microsoft. Their partner-centric approach that started a couple of Inspire conferences ago has been cross-pollinated into Ignite and it made for a more cohesive event. I also have to admit that Microsoft had me thinking “that’s pretty cool” more than they have in previous years. Now we can get back to the hard work of turning discussions into opportunities.

    Please, get in touch with VOSS if you have any questions about our Microsoft UC solutions.

  • VOSS Press Releases

    Bucher + Suter Transitions from CUCDM to VOSS-4-UC to Optimize its Dynamic and Agile Cloud Communications Platform

    Tuesday October 2, 2018 – Reading UK - Today, VOSS Solutions announced that Bucher + Suter has followed the VOSS H.O.M.E program to replace Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (CUCDM) with VOSS-4-UC. By creating a direct relationship with VOSS, Bucher + Suter will be able to operate a much more agile cloud communications platform, allowing the company to quickly respond to changes in market conditions.

    Bucher +Suter AG (b+s) is a global provider of contact center and unified communications (UC) solutions and services, helping contact centers achieve their business goals across a wide range of industries. With corporate offices located in Switzerland, Germany and the USA, b+s is a value-added reseller and systems integrator for Cisco contact centers and collaboration solutions.

    b+s first deployed HCS in 2016, offering Cisco collaboration applications to large enterprises from a cloud-based platform in a subscriber-based "as a service" model. b+s took the decision to deploy Shared Architecture from Cisco (Cisco HCS-SA), to enable the company to create a new UCaaS model for its reseller network, to target small and medium sized customers at a more affordable price. HCS-SA is innovative in that it shares a UC cluster with multiple tenants and allows end user onboarding to be automated, both of which lead to impressive operational savings. HCS-SA is designed to serve customers with less than 100 users, however nothing prevents it from serving larger customers as well.

    b+s chose to transition the management of its entire cloud communications environment to VOSS-4-UC as it offers the quickest and most cost-effective way for b+s to onboard, provision and manage new customers, and it provides the b+s reseller network with cost-effective and easy-to-consume cloud communications solutions for customers of all sizes.

    A key factor in choosing VOSS-4-UC was the VOSS Business Admin Portal, which is an easy-to-use interface that enables delegated administration and end user self-service, and provides much easier MACD administration. This empowers b+s to manage its cloud communications platform centrally, while offering decentralized, role-based access control to end customers, and to resellers and their end customers.

    During the transition, VOSS automated the process of user provisioning for b+s, by synchronizing users and their UC services with data provided by the LDAP server. This meant that services such as Auto Move, Quick Add Subscriber, and entitlement profiles could be linked together to create zero-touch provisioning.

    Stefan Peters, Director at VOSS Solutions, commented; "VOSS-4-UC gives Bucher + Suter a single pane of glass interface to support both shared architecture and dedicated customers on its multi-tenant, cloud communications platform. The team at VOSS and b+s has worked well together to build a management platform that suits b+s exact requirements, providing them with a highly competitive and agile cloud communications platform."

    "We are excited to partner with VOSS Solutions to benefit from a direct relationship with our UC management provider, allowing us to operate an agile cloud communications platform", explained Ralph Müller, Sales & Business Development Cloud at b+s. "Overall, VOSS-4-UC empowers b+s and our partners to create dynamic Cisco HCS solution packages."


    About VOSS Solutions
    VOSS Solutions provides multi-vendor UC management and migration technology to automate and simplify the challenge of operating today's increasingly sophisticated communications environments. VOSS-4-UC, which has been ranked by Nemertes as the world #1 UC operations management platform, can be consumed on premise or in the cloud, and helps customers to design, deploy, operate and optimize the most advanced UC environments. VOSS MiGR8-2-UC is a highly-sophisticated product that uses a revolutionary methodology to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services.

    VOSS is head-quartered in Richardson, Texas, with offices in Reading, UK, and Cape Town, South Africa. VOSS is funded by Intel Capital, Eden Ventures, Vodafone Ventures, and XAnge Private Equity. The VOSS technology has been deployed by over 130 cloud service providers and prominent enterprise organizations across the world.

    About Bucher + Suter
    Bucher + Suter offers solutions to a range of business needs: cloud services providing businesses flexibility and agility, project business to ensure on-the-ground solutions are implemented the right way, and a suite of powerful contact center & collaboration software designed to leverage world-class Cisco technology. The company’s goal is to connect their customers and partners with the very best Swiss-engineered business solutions. https://www.bucher-suter.com/

  • VOSS Blog

    A Great Example of a VOSS Customer's Five-Day Workshop to Kick-Off their Transition from CUCDMv8 to VOSS-4-UC

    Henry Barton, VP Operations Strategy, VOSS Solutions

    Increasing numbers of Service Providers are commencing Overbuild transitions from the HCS CUCDMv8x Domain Manager to VOSS-4-UC. With Cisco recently issuing an End-Of-Sale notice for CUCDMv8x, planning for transition to VOSS Solution's next generation VOSS-4-UC domain manager become that much more important, if Service Providers have not already started.

    In this post, I'll share a recent example of a service provider embarking on a 5-day workshop to kick-off their transition program. But first, some background.

    The transition path to VOSS-4-UC is well-proven, and increasingly well-trodden as more and more HCS partners choose VOSS-4-UC over competing UC management tools. Currently, VOSS is working on fifteen active HCS transitions, with many more in the planning phase. These HCS Service Providers, based in EMEA, the Americas and APAC, are using the VOSS MiGR8-2-UC toolset to accelerate the process (option 1 in the below diagram). Altogether, we estimate that these Service Providers have a pipeline of c.2500 Customers and 12,000 Sites in transition, ranging from 120,000-User Customers down to 20-User Customers; a serious undertaking. Typically, the larger Service Providers have between 50 and 200 large/medium-size Customers to transition and this is a significant task. This will consume a large amount of resources and time, if performed manually (option 2 in the below diagram).

    Considering the HCS Dial Plan

    Experience shows us that a critical issue to consider is the HCS dial plan that you wish to utilize for the future HCS platform under the OPA model. Cisco and VOSS have invested an enormous amount of time to perfect the HCS "Evolution" (or looping) dial plan; including testing. This is an development of the "Classic" HCS dial plan, and provides a significant improvement in terms of resource utilization and flexibility, whilst still supporting the wide range of features and territories/countries that HCS Providers cover. Even with Cisco pulling back from dial plan certification under the OPA model, VOSS is able to support Providers with the Evolution HCS dial plan and it is strongly recommended that HCS Providers switch to the latest dial plan during the transition from CUCDM-8x to VOSS-4-UC.

    So far, all the Service Providers we are talking to are electing to move from the Cisco HCS "Classic" dial plan loaded by CUCDMv 8x to the new Cisco HCS "Evolution" dial plan under VOSS-4-UX. As Cisco moves to its Open Architecture approach to HCS, the Evolution dial plan is where all the 'know-how' now resides. Plus, VOSS-4-UC also supports inclusion of custom dial plan schemas, through a set of adaptations.

    Getting Started

    The process of starting an Overbuild Transition programme may seem challenging to Service Providers and the tempation can be to get tied up with time-consuming rounds of testing on reference platforms. In practice, the transition process has been carried out successfully by multiple customer types around the world. Hence, VOSS believes that a Service Provider's goal should now be to seek the fastest way of switching platforms safely and efficiently, to minimize costs. Plus, they should seek to maximise the benefits when moving to VOSS-4-UC, which includes fully exploiting the latest capabilities of the Cisco HCS architecture and the VOSS-4-UC agile framework.

    This is where the VOSS Global Services team can help. With experience that we have built up over the last two years, we have deep field knowledge of the transition process and have heavily invested in enhancing VOSS-4-UC and our MiGR8-2-UC transition tools to accelerate switch-over. No other vendor has anywhere near the years of experience that VOSS holds, nor the advanced toolset to both minimize risk/time and maximize the benefits.

    We believe the best way of kicking off an Overbuild programme is to plan a face-to-face launch workshop. Without doubt, the hardest step is to migrate the first three or four customers. Getting the real-time experience with the first customers will then make planning for the rest of the customer base much easier.

    How to Transition to VOSS-4-UC in Five Days

    As a very recent case example, VOSS has just completed a 5-day kick off workshop with a major North American HCS Service Provider. We think this offers a valuable blueprint that we recommend to other Service Providers to help 'fast-track' their Transition Programme.

    Here was the workshop format:

    • Pre-workshop preparations:
      • VOSS Global Services remote support with upgrade of the CUCDMv11.5.1 production cluster to the latest VOSS-4-UC v18.1 version, plus installation of a MiGR8-2-UC-for-Overbuild server.
      • VOSS Global Services audit of the VOSS-4-UC platform and installation of our latest best-practice configuration settings for Overbuild operations.
      • A high-speed test-run,with the transitioning of a reference customer from the production CUCDMv8x to the production VOSS-4-UCv18.1 platform.
    • 5-Day workshop:
      • Team of 10 from the Service Provider, comprising: Project Management, Solution Architects, HCS Platform Management, Operations Implementation, Billing Integration and Training. Team of 4 from VOSS Global Services.
      • Review of the VOSS-4-UCv18.1 platform set-up and VOSS Global Service's latest recommended configuration settings.
      • Detailed review of the Overbuild Transition process, including the results of the reference customer testing.
      • Parallel processing of three customers: Extraction of data from CUCDMv8x:
      • Re-loading into VOSS-4-UC using MiGR8-2-UC; Sync and Move tasks; Dial plan switching processing; and Entitlement calculation.
      • Focus on hot topics, including: Enhanced Provider menu design for Overbuild; Cluster Syncing best-practice; AD integration; Dial plan Schema enhancements; Site Default settings; Number Inventory management; CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC cutover principles

    During the 5-day workshop, we demonstrated the rapid handling of multiple customers with several thousand users and phones at over 60 sites, including switch from HCS-G1 Linked Sites to HCS-Evolution-Type4 support. In parallel, this was a very efficient way of discussing VOSS-4-UC 'best-practice' operations.

    The next step for this Service Provider is to plan for the transition of several hundred customers in batches of up to 20 customers at a time.

    The Time is Now

    Our perspective at VOSS is that this is a good time for Service Providers to move rapidly across the transition 'bridge' from the original CUCDMv8x platform that VOSS OEM'd through Cisco, to the latest VOSS-4-UC platform.

    CUCDMv8x supported the original HUCS and HCS architectures, but technologies have now moved on. The all-new VOSS-4-UC architecture is designed to help Service Providers support the latest generation of UC platforms with much deeper levels of integration and much greater flexibility; all within the highly standardized VOSS framework. Let us help you get there fast!

    For more information on VOSS-CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC Overbuild Transition please see our recent Tech Talk webinar at: https://webinars.on24.com/voss/techtalks.

  • VOSS Blog

    New Tech Talk Webinar - Migrating from CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC

    We're delighted to share our latest webinar, on how to transition from CUCDMv8x to VOSS-4-UC. 

    Click here for the webinar

    In this presentation, Henry Barton, VP Operation Strategy at VOSS gives an overview of how to transition from CUCDMv8 to VOSS-4-UC. The webinar includes an Overbuild demonstration from Rob Hamlin, Director, Solutions Engineering at VOSS.

    This is a must-attend event for any HCS partner planning their transitions from CUCDMv8x. We think it will also provide a valuable update for Service Providers part way through their transitions.

    We'd like to remind all CUCDM customers to join our Webex Teams room to learn more about CUCDM to VOSS transitions. These are the three easy steps to follow:

    1. In Webex Teams, click on "contact a person"
    2. Then, add the email "voss@webex.bot"
    3. Finally, type "Join" in the text box, and you will be added to the VOSS HCS CUCDM Transition Room

    To discuss your CUCDM transition in more detail, please email info@voss-solutions.com. 

What industry experts say about VOSS

  • "So, please, please go look at a BCOM system, such as VOSS-4-UC, so that you get your money’s worth out of the highly communication-dependent users in your company, while also assuring you are managing the TCO of your communications technologies. It will be worth your time and investment. "

    Marty Parker, UC Strategies

  • "For those who are looking for a single pane of glass to manage a multi vendor collaboration environment, VOSS does as good a job as I've seen so far."

    Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

  • "[For a collaboration deployment]... one of the biggest keys to success is having the right management and administrative tools in place from Day-0."

    Robin Gareiss, EVP Nemertes Research

  • "…unless automated OSS tools and processes are deployed, cloud-based collaboration will not be successful."

    Dan O'Connell, Research Director, Gartner

  • "Anyone with cloud problems should perhaps turn to VOSS Solutions, which took home the award for its cloud fulfillment platform."

    Mary Lenighan, Total Telecom

  • "Reducing operational time only becomes possible with user profiling and the automation of configuring those profiles. This should be a priority for organizations."

    Marty Parker, UniComm Consulting

  • "A large number of customers are migrating to Skype for Business, but retaining their existing voice infrastructure...the tools that VOSS provide are essential to a successful technology transition and user migration."

    Kevin Kieller, EnableUC

  • "VOSS enables staff to move beyond the challenges of operations to focus on enablement and adoption, while avoiding errors and delays that reduce both user satisfaction and adoption."

    Blair Pleasant, Principal Analyst at CommFusion