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UC Service Management Made Easy - VOSS is unique in integrating UC fulfillment, UC assurance, UC analytics and reporting, UC accounting, and UC migration, across multiple UC vendors; all from a single, flexible, secure, web portal.

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VOSS Voted Best Service Management Provider By Panel of Leading Industry Analysts at 2020 UC Today Awards


“VOSS-4-UC Self-Healing is a truly groundbreaking solution that analyzes data and takes corrective action to help companies troubleshoot and fix errors in their UC environments.”
Rob Scott, UC Today

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Microsoft Teams Calling Options - Operator Connect Microsoft Teams Calling Options - Operator Connect Manage your Headsets with VOSS-4-UC Manage your Headsets with VOSS-4-UC VOSS M2UC Workflows  - Migrating from Avaya to Cisco UCM VOSS M2UC Workflows - Migrating from Avaya to Cisco UCM VOSS-4-UC Business Admin Portal VOSS-4-UC Business Admin Portal VOSS M2UC Overview VOSS M2UC Overview VOSS-4-UC Provisioning & Management with a Single Pane of Glass VOSS-4-UC Provisioning & Management with a Single Pane of Glass VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration VOSS-4-UC ServiceNow Integration Contact Center Management Contact Center Management VOSSBot VOSSBot
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VOSS - The Only Vendor to Offer a Full UC Management Suite

VOSS is unique in integrating UC fulfillment, UC assurance, and UC accounting, all from a single, flexible web portal. Unified communications is inherently complex. With VOSS, your organization can overcome this complexity by managing all UC applications from multiple UC vendors, with a full suite of UC management capabilities. No other UC management vendor comes close to offering the depth of management that VOSS provides.

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Customer stories

  • Alpine Health Technologies

    “VOSS will provide a single point of integration for our UC and business applications, allowing us to optimize service delivery through automation, resolve any problems quickly, and provide our customers with a state-of-the-art yet cost-effective hosted collaboration platform.” Read more

    Hiram Lopez, Director of Infrastructure & Operations, Alpine Health Technologies

  • Axians

    "As a Systems Integrator, it’s our job to provide high quality and cost-effective leading-edge UCaaS packages to our customers. VOSS enables Axians to provide a highly automated and flexible UC management framework that allows us to respond to our customers' requirements quickly and efficiently." Read more

    Tom Greeve, Director at Axians

  • BCX

    "We wanted a robust Unified Collaboration management platform that was highly flexible to underpin our UC business moving forward. VOSS automates new customer onboarding, simplifies day-to-day UC management, plus they have significant commitments locally in SA, so it was the obvious choice for us." Read more

    Sharon Maasdorp, Managing Executive for Unified Collaboration Solutions, BCX

  • BT

    "VOSS is perfectly placed to support BT, as it is unique in its ability to manage the entire lifecycle of a UC platform, which has enabled BT to manage an ever-expanding and complex network of multi-national enterprise customers, from a single point of control." Read more

    John Blake, Head of Hosted IP Telephony – Evolution, BT Global Services

  • Bucher + Suter

    "We are excited to partner with VOSS Solutions to benefit from a direct relationship with our UC management provider, allowing us to operate an agile cloud communications platform. Overall, VOSS-4-UC empowers b+s and our partners to create dynamic Cisco HCS solution packages." Read more

    Ralph Müller, Sales & Business Development Cloud, Bucher + Suter

  • du Telecom

    "VOSS gives du a meaningful competitive edge, to introduce new collaboration services seamlessly, removing deployment blockers, improving customer satisfaction and maximizing revenues." Read more

    Farid Faraidooni, EVP Commercial, du

  • FlexITy

    "We pride our relationship with VOSS as they help us bring strategic offerings to our clients. The flexibility and agility that VOSS-4-UC brings to our Cisco HCS platform, coupled with the responsiveness of the VOSS services team, means that our business is all-encompassing, delivering cutting edge UC solutions to the Canadian market." Read more

    Denis Govedas, Director, Voice Services and Architecture, FlexITy

  • KCOM

    KCOM selected VOSS to provide integrated contact center management and UC management, from a single web-based portal. "The innovations from VOSS allow us to pass on flexibility, accuracy and speed to our customers' agents and reduce effort required by their customers and long may it continue." Read more

    Stu Smith, Head of Innovation and Development, KCOM

  • Node4

    "We provide state of the art technology to help businesses access top-tier collaboration software of the quality and capability they deserve. Therefore, we wanted to be sure we were selecting the very best UC management technology for our new Shared Architecture solution. We were most impressed with the latest version of VOSS-4-UC, together with the VOSS team’s deep technical know-how of latest HCS thinking." Read more

    Mark Phelps, Collaboration Product Manager, Node4

  • Ooredoo

    "The VOSS/Cisco platform completely changes our enterprise telephony business model. Not only can we offer customers a much richer, more flexible service, with a lower cost of ownership, but it allows us to easily upgrade existing customers with new collaboration services." Read more

    Mr Mohammed M Al-Haifi, Ooredoo

  • Western Australia Government

    "It was simply a matter of deploying the VOSS software – then the magic happens" Read more

    Jeremy Pestana, GCN Project Manager, Western Australia Government

VOSS Customers


Latest from VOSS

  • VOSS Blog

    Data and Automation are Crucial for Transformation Projects

    Blog Post from Robin Gareiss, CEO and Principal Analyst at Metrigy
  • VOSS Blog

    Derived Trunks – Expand Your SBC for Teams Calling Across Multiple Microsoft Tenants

    Tim Jalland, Solution Manager (Microsoft Teams)

    It’s a neat and recent feature on the Microsoft Teams front that I’m not sure all carriers are using to the full. In this context, the term "carrier" refers to the company - or partner - that provides telephony, PSTN, calling, or enterprise voice services (all the same thing by a different name really) to a number of customers that are using Microsoft Teams as their collaboration and UC platform.

    Normally, the carrier would require a trunk to be added to the Microsoft Teams tenant for each customer that is consuming the telephony service. The service delivery uses Microsoft Direct Routing. More often than not, the SBC at the end of all these trunks is the same one (multi-tenanted), supporting all customers on the service.

    That brings overhead (making configuration changes, taking actions such as draining calls, changing ports), means doing these actions trunk by trunk across all customers, and is very time consuming for carriers. And the annoying fact is that, in reality, all these trunks are running from the same multi-tenant SBC and the same configuration.

    Enter Microsoft Teams Derived Trunks!

    Microsoft Teams now supports the ability to create one 'super trunk' that is registered in the Microsoft tenant for the carrier itself. Then a so-called Derived Trunk can be used within each of the individual customer tenants, simply by adding the trunk into any respective voice routing policy (no need to register). The beauty is that these derived trunks take or inherit their configuration from the parent carrier trunk, so now configuration changes and actions can be quickly and easily applied by making changes to this single parent carrier trunk; without having to go into every individual customer tenant and make a repetitive change. Time saved!

    Want to then take this to the next level? Deploy the VOSS management suite and you’ll bring a level of assurance, self-service administration, and automation to this Direct Routing service that will make it stand out from your competitors.

    Hopefully you found the above helpful, please drop us a line with your feedback.

  • VOSS Press Releases

    VOSS Announced as a UC Today Award Finalist 2021

    Richardson, TX – Today, VOSS Solutions announced that the company has been named as a UC Today 2021 Awards Finalist, in the Service Management category, for the second year running.

    This year, the UC Today Awards panel of judges is led by Rob Scott, UC Today Publisher, and includes Irwin Lazar, President & Principal Analyst at Metrigy, Jon Arnold, Tech Thought Leader and Analyst at J Arnold & Associates, Kevin Kieller, Co-Founder at EnableUC, Zeus Kerravala, Founder & Principal Analyst at ZK Research, Blair Pleasant, President & Principal Analyst at COMMfusion, and Melissa Swartz, Founder of Swartz Consulting LLC.  

    Today, the judges announced the finalists in this video.

    The UC Today Awards were created in 2019, to celebrate the most innovative and forward-thinking companies in the communications landscape. Entering for the first time in 2020, VOSS was delighted to be voted the leading Service Management vendor in 2020

    According to UC Today; "The UC Awards celebration for 2021 commends the companies with their eyes on the future of collaboration and communication." The winners will be announced on July 29th. Read more about about the finalists, here.

    For more information about VOSS Solutions, please email info@voss-solutions.com.

  • VOSS Blog

    Metrigy Report: New Workplaces Drive Transformation and the Need for Automation

    Mike Frayne, CEO, VOSS Solutions 

    According to CIO.com, digital transformation is a "foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers." This is taken from a recent article - well worth a read - in which CIO.com explains that while digital transformation was already a key strategic initiative, it has taken on heightened importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    As a consequence, digital business transformation is a really hot topic right now. All organizations are striving to adopt new technologies to streamline and improve processes and then automate and integrate these to be more efficient, drive costs lower, and deliver greater value. That’s why we asked Metrigy to take a look at this theme for us, and they delivered an interesting report that is freely available to all.

    New Workplaces Drive Transformation: Successful digital transformation projects must include partners that can deliver on automation, visualization

    The report, authored by Metrigy CEO and Principal Analyst, Robin Gareiss, specifically looks at the Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) market, and the evolving needs of enterprise organizations in this post-pandemic, transformational age. Gone are the days when UC&C management technology was an unnecessary luxury used by a small number of knowledge workers. The massive increase in UC&C adoption and the total breakdown of vendor-influenced technology selection has resulted in an unprecedented situation. With remote working the new normal, enterprises are way more dependent on UC&C, but at the same time they have significantly augmented their usage of an array of relatively discrete, multi-vendor technologies, often with multiple overlapping services.

    The challenge of implementing digital transformation on such a complex, evolving set of critical services (contact center, UC suites and collaboration tools), and with staff scattered, is greatly increased. And the operational problems associated with administering and controlling the “new normal” collaboration platform are way harder, more complex, and definitely more costly.

    Backed by empirical data gathered by Metrigy from independent enterprise organizations around the world, Gareiss shares evidence on the growing need for UC&C management solutions to help deliver digital transformation. She categorizes management in two forms:

    • Operations management tools that deliver automation to take care of day-to-day administrative processes
    • Performance management tools that improve availability provide insight and analysis into collaboration usage, adoption and trends

    In the report, Gareiss explains that “73% of companies are using more [monitoring and management] tools and gaining more visibility into their applications since moving to a work-from-home environment”. She also finds that "we see 51% of organizations using specialty management and monitoring tools for remote worker provisioning and 41% using them for remote worker application utilization."

    Gareiss also looks at an enterprise organization’s desire to manage multiple UC technologies with a single tool. She explains: "The issue many IT leaders face is that they may need multiple tools to accomplish their goals, particularly in a multi-vendor, multi-architecture, multi-application environment. Most companies (61.5%) prefer their management / monitoring tools come from a third party, and 64.4% say it’s extremely valuable to have a single tool that can manage multiple vendors."

    Helpfully, Gareiss lists the key questions that organizations should consider, when choosing a UC&C management provider:

    • Do they automate administration functions, such as onboarding, address management, and change management for multiple vendors?
    • Can they also manage performance for multiple vendors’ products and services, for collaboration, contact center, and other applications?
    • Do they also manage products and services in the architectures or service delivery relevant to a given organization?
    • How easily can the tools adjust their capabilities and adapt to changing business requirements (new apps, changes in processes, automation, etc.)?
    • Are the account teams thinking beyond just the day-to-day management, and providing useful reports and analytics that assist in broader digital transformation initiatives?
    • Can they integrate with IT service management platforms to provide real-time data to front-line IT support staff?

    The report explains that VOSS can address all of these challenges, providing automation management for both UC operations and UC performance. She says: "VOSS is the only provider that provides both types of management tools; manages multiple vendors across UC, contact center, SBCs, and ITSM; and also manages both on-premises and cloud platforms."

    Finally, the report concludes that VOSS is the #1 UC operations and performance management vendor that correlates with business success. As a consequence, the VOSS solutions are ideal to help you implement your digital transformation strategies across your UC&C platforms.

    Contact VOSS
    for more information or to share your thoughts on how digital business transformation is impacting the UC&C space.

    Download the report here.


What industry experts say about VOSS

  • "So, please, please go look at a BCOM system, such as VOSS-4-UC, so that you get your money’s worth out of the highly communication-dependent users in your company, while also assuring you are managing the TCO of your communications technologies. It will be worth your time and investment. "

    Marty Parker, UC Strategies

  • "For those who are looking for a single pane of glass to manage a multi vendor collaboration environment, VOSS does as good a job as I've seen so far."

    Zeus Kerravala, ZK Research

  • "[For a collaboration deployment]... one of the biggest keys to success is having the right management and administrative tools in place from Day-0."

    Robin Gareiss, EVP Nemertes Research

  • "…unless automated OSS tools and processes are deployed, cloud-based collaboration will not be successful."

    Dan O'Connell, Research Director, Gartner

  • "Anyone with cloud problems should perhaps turn to VOSS Solutions, which took home the award for its cloud fulfillment platform."

    Mary Lenighan, Total Telecom

  • "Reducing operational time only becomes possible with user profiling and the automation of configuring those profiles. This should be a priority for organizations."

    Marty Parker, UniComm Consulting

  • "A large number of customers are migrating to Skype for Business, but retaining their existing voice infrastructure...the tools that VOSS provide are essential to a successful technology transition and user migration."

    Kevin Kieller, EnableUC

  • "VOSS enables staff to move beyond the challenges of operations to focus on enablement and adoption, while avoiding errors and delays that reduce both user satisfaction and adoption."

    Blair Pleasant, Principal Analyst at CommFusion