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AT&T had the vision to deliver a fully featured, cloud-based collaboration service that would allow any device to support any service, across both fixed and wireless networks.

AT&T wanted to offer their customers a rich choice of collaboration services, so opted to go down the multi-vendor path: Cisco, Microsoft and AT&T's own UC application suite.

They also wanted to offer a complete, end-to-end, integrated solution, which included: application functionality, voice services, network, trunking service, security, monitoring & management, and billing.

They wanted to deliver and manage collaboration services with a simple and easy to use interface that would lower their TCO. This included a requirement for devolved administration and flexible end user self care.


AT&T selected VOSS because it was the best fit for supporting its full featured fulfillment management requirements. They particularly valued:

  • Multi-customer support (single view)
  • The multi-vendor UC capabilities
  • The depth of management and higher levels of automation
  • Real-time, devolved administration
  • VOSS’ professional services and SI capabilities

The VOSS platform was integrated to the AT&T UC Central platform (Interwise) to enable the AT&T mobile client to operate seamlessly with a Cisco IP-PBX platform.

AT&T plans to use VOSS to also support their Avaya-based managed services platform in the near future.


  • Web administration: VOSS supports 8 levels of access management for AT&T, including an AT&T customized self-care capability
  • Centralized, multi-customer view: Allows administrators to drill down and manage key areas of the business
  • Lifecycle management: Manages all four key stages in the lifecycle of a collaboration service, which greatly reduces the chance of data drift and lowers costs
  • Data abstraction and business driven processes: Ensures the complexity of the telephony network and dial plan is managed down at the domain level
  • Advanced UC management: Provides rich capability for multi-vendor collaboration management

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