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Unified communications (UC) improves a company's business processes and a user's productivity. UC management introduces automation to simplify the way communications environments are delivered and managed.
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This is the same example, but with a UC management solution in place:

1. The same IT administrator logs into the management portal that shows all of the location's users and telephony resources. Importantly, they cannot access any other data but their location and the portal can be customized to allow that administrator to perform many functions or only the most basic ones.

2. The administrator selects the business process that they require, such as "add a user". The portal takes the administrator through a simple process where phone types, service levels and numbers are offered and selected through drop-down menus. At the end of the process the IT administrator clicks on the “modify” button and that's it

  • The management platform automatically performs all the manual configuration tasks on all the various systems, replacing the service desk, the NOC and all the works orders.
  • The process is performed in real time, taking less than a minute.
  • The error rates are low and can be corrected by the IT administrator themselves anyway.
  • And the cost is only the time it would have taken the IT administrator to complete a change request … effectively zero dollars.

As the number of UC applications grows for complex, multi-faceted communications requirements, the benefits of a UC management platform grow exponentially - one business portal automating many systems.

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