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Cyril Bertrand

Non-Executive Director

Cyril Bertrand is a Partner at Xange Captial where he is responsible for core-technology investments and for the German-speaking area. Cyril has prior venture capital experience at DVC (Munich, Germany) where is was responsible for the Telecom & Semiconductor investments, and at TeleSoft Partners (San Mateo, CA). Prior to that, his 7-year tenure at Alcatel brought him to the position of Director in charge of creating and growing Alcatel’s first generation of 802.11 products across France, Spain and Israel in 2000. Cyril is also a non-exec board director of Apertio (UK), MergeOptics (Germany), Panoratio (Germany), Powerlase (UK) and is an observer at BigMachines (US).

Cyril Bertrand
Board of directors