VOSS Solutions

Meeting the needs of a fast changing world

At VOSS, we provide an end-to-end tool set to design, deploy, operate and optimize organizations' communications infrastructure and services, from the cloud or for an on-premise architecture.

Just as our body’s central nervous system allows our brain to control the hundreds of individual muscles in our bodies, so VOSS provides a central “command and control” system to operate the myriad applications, features and network elements that make up a modern enterprise communication system.

Why is there hype around enterprise communications?
Enterprise communications and collaboration is changing the way that companies make decisions, the way that staff find and work with each other, and also, how they communicate with their customers.

Employees are now able to communicate in many different ways, including:

  • Rich presence awareness, such as instant messaging, click to call, click to conference
  • Multiple devices (fixed line and wireless)
  • Single number reach
  • Fixed-mobile convergence
  • High definition video conferencing
  • Live document sharing
  • Single message box and smart message retrieval
  • Enterprise social media

Employees can do all of this, securely, irrespective of where they’re located (in the office, at home, or on the road) and what device they’re using, be it a desk phone, a soft client on their laptop, a smart phone client, or a tablet (or their own personal device) and even be able to shift calls between devices, mid-session.

Enterprise communications is a real game changer.

So what’s the problem?
UC does not get delivered from a single server and it needs a complex network infrastructure. To deliver a range of advanced services, IT departments need to implement multiple servers and network elements … just like the myriad of muscles in your body.

Also your IT department needs to implement these new collaboration features and devices with an advanced, enterprise-wide (even multi-country) "dial-plan" that allows calls to be aggregated through regional SIP trunks, which reduce toll costs; plus the implementation needs an inbuilt resilience to ensure that calls will automatically fail over to a local gateway, in the advent of a network problem. These are mandatory requirements for modern enterprise communications.

As a result, implementation is an extremely complex process, and administering these new collaboration features can often double, treble or even quadruple your help desk and technical staff. Plus there is a sizable systems integration effort required. Added to this, the various best-of-breed vendor applications and services are rarely interoperable.

How does VOSS help?
The VOSS central “command and control” system enables your IT team to deliver all of the above collaboration services and capabilities, with a mix of best-in-class vendors, with their existing staffing levels, and without a major systems integration costs. VOSS is delivering on this promise today for many large organizations.

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