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Manage Your Digital Workplace

Implement, integrate, and manage your UC, collaboration, and productivity tools to transform the way your staff work

To provide a seamless user experience for employees – regardless of their location –  organizations must align technology, employees, and business processes to improve operational efficiency and meet organizational goals. The digital workplace is the virtual equal of the physical office space, and includes employee devices, apps, tools, software, and platforms. Find out how VOSS technology can give you the automation and performance management tools you need to operate a highly agile digital workplace. 

Automate your business processes

Introduce automation to optimize your digitally focused business processes

Business process automation (BPA) – also known as business automation or business transformation – is the technology-enabled automation of complex business processes. The aim of a BPA strategy is to streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery, and contain costs. BPA integrates applications, restructures staff resources, and uses software applications to achieve these goals. Find out how VOSS’ UC automation management can help you achieve your goals.

Embrace service agility

The need for an agile framework to manage your digital workplace

Until recently, the management of unified communications and collaboration platforms tended towards standardization as a way to introduce automation. However, standardization does not promote agility, flexibility, or indeed mobility. And, the introduction of hybrid working has contributed significantly towards a trend for enterprise organizations to desire a highly agile and flexible digital workplace strategy. Find out how VOSS can help you achieve UC service agility.

Manage your UC costs

Understand service adoption and license usage, to save time and money

Organizations that are embracing the digital workplace and a hybrid workforce need to equip staff with the right UC, collaboration, and productivity tools to do their job effectively, which can lead to spiraling costs. There are many ways to harness automation and performance management technology to make operational efficiencies. Find out how VOSS can help save you time and money.

Enhance your user experience

Ensure a positive end user experience to improve productivity and fuel growth

As hybrid working and the need for a highly flexible digital workplace takes hold, how do you monitor and manage your UC collaboration platform to ensure that customer and employee experience remains positive? Have you got a handle on issues that are affecting productivity and satisfaction? Find out more about managing the end user experience.

Take control of vendor transition

Seamlessly implement and integrate best of breed technologies to support your business transformation

As UC, collaboration, and productivity tools become more sophisticated, organizations are selecting a blend of best of breed tools that suit specific requirements, rather than a single-vendor option. Managing multi-vendor technology – and transitioning from one to another – is a complex business. Find out how VOSS takes away this complexity, giving you a single interface to manage your entire UC estate, from a central point of control.