VOSS Solutions

Customer Centric. Solution Orientated. Driven.

VOSS has grown organically since 2003, and we have a team of over 110 employees across the globe. With an international footprint that is continuously growing, we are always on the lookout for A-players to join our organization, specifically those passionate about IPT, unified communications, software development, quality and service delivery.

Our culture is focused on efficiency, commitment and quality, and we’re a team that works hard, but also enjoys socializing together.

The work environment is flexible, informal and geared towards building collaborative teams that work together to achieve outstanding results. All our employees are provided with ample opportunity to contribute ideas that will enable us to continuously innovate, and springboard our organization to even greater heights.

VOSS is going from strength to strength, and if you would like to find out more about the major achievements that have brought us to where we are today, visit the VOSS milestones page.