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VOSS UC Analytics

Experience the power of VOSS UC Analytics – Understand your UC consumption and activity levels across the various customers, sites, and users 

The VOSS UC Analytics module addresses the challenge of gathering data about service usage and adoption, user trends and license consumption, in a multi-application UC environment.

The module is offered as an optional add-on for the VOSS-4-UC management platform and Cisco Unified Communication Domain Manager (CUCDM). 

  • Pull data from multiple applications, devices and infrastructure, into a single dashboard, to get a big picture view of resource utilization
  • Access all this information from a single portal in a matter of seconds
  • Benefit from pre-packaged out-of-the-box reports, or engage VOSS to create custom reports to suit more specific requirements
  • Export data to third-party systems and integrate it with mediation, OSS, and telecom expense management systems


How can UC Analytics help you?

  • Understand which services are associated with (and favored by) users
  • Present trends in adoption, and make better decisions on allocation of finite resources
  • Improve decision-making on which future services should be invested in
  • Investigate sub-sets of the UC platform that may be under or over-performing
  • Harness the power of exception reporting to determine where UC licenses are being under-consumed or where inventory is required in the near future

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