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An introduction to VOSS-4-UC

VOSS-4-UC is a telecommunications service fulfillment management platform, specifically designed for next generation enterprise communications, in the public / private cloud. VOSS-4-UC provides a modular approach to UC management. It's intuitive web portal, coupled with advanced automation, transforms the way that enterprise communications architectures are designed, deployed and operated.


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VOSS-4-UC lowers operating costs and enhances the adoption of UC services by removing complexity, accelerating delivery, and ensuring a highly consistent and therefore more easily maintainable platform.

VOSS-4-UC empowers service providers and large enterprises to unlock the benefits of UC in three fundamental areas, spanning the lifecycle of the platform:


  • DESIGN: VOSS-4-UC includes a framework that automates the UC architecture design process, and supports the creation of highly flexible and pre-tested designs for features, workflows, services and dial plans, empowering engineers to rapidly implement services to best suit their business needs.
  • DEPLOY: VOSS-4-UC automates the deployment process of advanced UC platforms, accelerating the migration of all devices and all advanced or basic services, and seamlessly integrating with third party or custom systems. On-boarding is highly automated and customizable to suit each environment, removing the risk of data slippage, and causing minimum impact to business continuity.
  • OPERATE: VOSS-4-UC fully automates business and operational processes in the UC platform, eradicating the need for manual intervention in any part of the process. VOSS-4-UC simplifies MACD administration by introducing multiple layers of decentralized administration.VOSS-4-UC is a modularized architecture, allowing each customer to customize their environment to suit their specific needs.

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