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An introduction to VOSS UC Migration

At VOSS, we help organizations all over the world with many different types of migration projects. You may wish to upgrade from a legacy UC platform to a new platform, or from on-premise to the cloud; after a merger or acquisition, you may wish to migrate multiple new users onto your existing platform, consolidate multiple PBXs to a smaller set of PBXs, or move multiple users from one location to another.

Whatever your UC migration need, VOSS can help.

Introducing VOSS M2UC

At VOSS, we offer a comprehensive product called M2UC to address the many different types of migration projects that customers request. M2UC follows a five-stage process to discover UC data (from multi-vendor environments); extract, clean, and normalize the data; transform and enrich; and finally, to validate the data before loading it to the new environment.  

M2UC revolutionizes the way service providers and large enterprises are able to approach rich, complex unified communications deployments. At every stage of the UC migration process, VOSS provides automation to reduce human involvement and accelerate the processing of data, all of which directly reduces the costs and risks of adopting UC services.

VOSS Migration Services

The VOSS Professional Services team has been carrying out increasingly complex UC migration projects for over 10 years. The team draws on expertise, processes, and best practices to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services to a next generation UC platform.

Our engineers will provide support through your UC transformation, to ensure that your data is migrated significantly faster, easier, and more consistently by a smaller and more productive deployment team, and with greatly reduced effort in sourcing the mandatory input data.

In addition, we make sure that there is an overall improvement in data accuracy, which will significantly reduce project risk and decrease re-work costs, whilst improving end user satisfaction. Find out more about Migration Services.

See the Cost Benefits

VOSS has teamed up with Mainstay Salire to create a benefits calculator, to help you work out how much you could save by deploying VOSS technology. We invite you to input some information about your organization to calculate how much you could save with the VOSS service fulfillment management platform.
Work out your savings, now!

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