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An introduction to VOSS Solutions

At VOSS, we have revolutionized the way that UC services and applications are designed, delivered and managed, addressing two specific challenges in the market:


1. VOSS UC Migration Solution

The VOSS UC Migration Solution revolutionizes the way service providers and large enterprises are able to approach rich, complex unified communications deployments. At every stage of the UC migration process, VOSS provides automation to reduce human involvement and accelerate the processing of data, all of which directly reduces the costs and risks of adopting UC services.

At the heart of the VOSS UC Migration Solution is VOSS MiGR8-2-UC, a highly sophisticated product to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services. MiGR8-2-UC can do this under a range of scenarios: TDM PBX to IP-PBX, TDM PBX to UC, IP-PBX to UC, or UC to UC. And MiGR8-2-UC supports a wide range of legacy vendor technologies.

We have successfully taken the sophisticated ETL (extract, transform, and load) technology from the "big data" industry and enhanced it to suit the more stringent demands of a UC migration process. The methodology used at VOSS is a DETVL (discover, extract, transform, validate, and load) approach that migrates massive amounts of complex data through the following core phases:

  • Discover: User and device data is mined from legacy systems across a wide cross-section of vendors and diverse systems, such as Cisco, Avaya, Nortel, Lync, Siemens, Alcatel, Mitel, and other systems, csv files, excel spreadsheets.
  • Extract: Deep data extraction, cleaning and normalization from multiple existing data sources and data types.
  • Transform: Intelligent data transformation and enrichment of the collected data, using advanced business logic.
  • Validate: Web-based portal allows multiple administrators to examine and edit the data in real-time, prior to finalizing the migration.
  • Load: Full or partial re-sync process ahead of automated, batch-based loading to the network, ready for site cutover.


2. VOSS UC Management Solution

VOSS-4-UC is a telecommunications service fulfillment management platform, specifically designed for next generation enterprise communications, in the public / private cloud. VOSS-4-UC provides intuitive web portals, coupled with advanced automation, to transform the way that enterprise communications architectures are designed, deployed and operated.

VOSS-4-UC lowers operating costs and enhances the adoption of UC services by removing complexity, accelerating delivery, and ensuring a highly consistent and therefore more easily maintainable platform.
VOSS-4-UC empowers service providers and large enterprises to unlock the benefits of UC in three fundamental areas, spanning the lifecycle of the platform:

  • DESIGN: VOSS-4-UC includes a framework that automates the UC architecture design process, and supports the creation of highly flexible and pre-tested designs for features, workflows, services and dial plans, empowering engineers to rapidly implement services to best suit their business needs.
  • DEPLOY: VOSS-4-UC automates the deployment process of advanced UC platforms, accelerating the migration of all devices and all advanced or basic services, and seamlessly integrating with third party or custom systems. On-boarding is highly automated and customizable to suit each environment, removing the risk of data slippage, and causing minimum impact to business continuity.
  • OPERATE: VOSS-4-UC fully automates business and operational processes in the UC platform, eradicating the need for manual intervention in any part of the process. VOSS-4-UC simplifies MACD administration by introducing multiple layers of decentralized administration.VOSS-4-UC is a modularized architecture, allowing each customer to customize their environment to suit their needs, without the overhead of non-essential elements.

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