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How to Retain and Grow Your Customer Base by Effectively Offering Microsoft Teams Phone

Many service providers have multiple legacy platforms that are being eroded by newer technologies. So, how do service providers retain their existing end customers who are on a collection of dedicated, managed services and hosting platforms from the likes of Cisco and Avaya, all of which are reaching the end of their life?

This webinar will explore the benefits of transitioning these disparate platforms to a newer, consolidated strategy whilst continuing to provide superb managed services.

We will investigate the challenges, best practices, and tools that can help retain customers while maintaining and improving service levels by deploying Microsoft Teams Phone capabilities. Special focus will be given to the migration process for some – or all – users.

During this interactive webinar we will provide answers to questions such as:

  • What are the current customer and market trends and hot spots related to Microsoft Teams?
  • Can Microsoft Teams be added to your existing platforms?
  • What savings can be made by consolidating multiple platforms?
  • How difficult is it to extract and move configurations from an existing hosted or managed service?
  • Which features translate to Microsoft Teams voice services and which features don’t?
  • What are the best practices for managing a cloud-to-cloud migration?
  • How to ensure performance levels and enhance user experience?
  • What new opportunities are created as users adopt Microsoft Teams Phone?

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