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I want to free engineers from mundane tasks: Can VOSS help me?

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS

One of the less obvious productivity barriers for most organizations is the fact that highly skilled engineers are required to perform incredibly boring and repetitive administration tasks that, while technical, are actually quite remedial. This can lead to high levels of staff turnover and low job satisfaction.

A UC network is infinitely more complex than a traditional voice network combining many different application services and equipment, and as a result, the repetitive workload increases exponentially.

The reason that engineers must perform these tasks is not always because they are complex; many tasks are very simple. It is because the native application and equipment interfaces don't provide for a secure enough means for end users or lower skilled administrators to perform these tasks. It would be too risky to allow open access to the underlying configurations where great damage could be done (e.g. turning off the CEO’s phone or completely wiping a system).

With the introduction of UC management tools such as VOSS, the risk of damaging the underlying configuration is removed as is the complexity of the operations (which interface to use and what task to perform). An office administrator, with minimal training, can easily be restricted to managing only a sub-set of services, features or users without providing any kind of access to the underlying infrastructure.

VOSS-4-UC offers unlimited levels of administration, which means that an organization can be extremely granular, when it comes to access control, devolved administration and end user self-care.

This frees highly skills (and expensive) engineers to work on more strategic initiatives, which in turn improves their job satisfaction and improves staff retention rates. High staff turnover is one of the most costly events to an organization’s productivity levels.

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