VOSS Solutions

Getting to know Jim Ortbals


We have taken the opportunity to put some questions to Jim Ortbals, to learn more about our new VP Partner Sales.

1. Why did you decide to take the job at VOSS?
I have been in the Unified Communication space for quite some time, and knowing the market like I do, both on-premise and cloud, seeing the challenges that VOSS can help partners and end users overcome was the biggest driver.

2. How would you describe your role?
There are a couple of routes a company can go to build scale for the business: Direct to the end user or through partners. Many companies try to go one way and some try both. With VOSS, we have decided that a partner-led model is absolutely the right choice for us. My role will be to evolve the VOSS sales culture to a partner-led mentality, and to develop our relationships with our key partners.

3. Why do you think you are a good fit for VOSS and for this role?
I have spent the better part of the past 9 years building and developing new routes-to-market with channel organizations, with a big focus on the Unified Communication space. Specifically, I had the great pleasure of playing a central role in Cisco’s recent evolution to a partner-led model and feel this experience will lend itself well to the transition we are making at VOSS.

4. What are your early priorities?
My early priorities are to identify and develop the key tools and programs our partners will need from us to be successful representing and selling VOSS to their customers. Extending from this, I will also be getting out to visit and listen to our key partners and potential partners about the challenges they are facing in the UC space, and how we can help them overcome those and build value with their customers.

5. What are the longer term goals?
Longer term, I foresee VOSS having a very defined partner program with specific requirements and a strong number of benefits that is consistent globally, as many of our partners aren’t just present in one region. We have to be consistent and we have to be easy to do business with globally. Additionally, as part of my partner leadership role, I also envisage VOSS finding new opportunities to develop solutions that extend across a multitude of vendors, and enable our partners to leverage VOSS as the key workflow and management solution for their business.

6. How can people get in touch?

People can follow me on Twitter @JimOrtbals_VOSS, or they can reach me at jim.ortbals@voss-solutions.com.