VOSS Solutions

How can I differentiate myself from other providers?

Christopher May, VP Business Development, VOSS

There are four areas where VOSS helps you differentiate yourself from other providers.

1. Branding
The VOSS technology lets you fully customize the display and presentation of your GUI, allowing for single or multiple brand presentations across the system. This means that each of your end customers can adopt a completely unique look-and-feel across their management portal. In fact, VOSS provides complete customization of the portal with a range of controls that also manage how every feature and setting is made available.

2. Devolved administration - putting the power of UC administration in the hands of the customers.
Role-based access gives the service provider overall management control of access and user views, with unlimited levels of delegated administration for granular control over an end customer’s permissions and capabilities. Secure, delegated administration means that administrators at each defined level are able to control their own telephony resources, users, devices, media resources and collaboration services and features. This enables a service provider to manage its customers centrally, while also delegating tasks to remote administrators at each customer in a controlled way.

3. Self-care portal integration
End users at customer sites have a similar level of flexibility for their self-care portals. This presents as a single management layer where each user can have access to data and operational control. End users can be permitted to administer and self-manage their own devices and services, or perform their own moves, adds and changes, giving more control and immediacy of service.

4. Customize your operational workflows to fit the way your customers do business
Finally, VOSS provides a fully flexible approach to feature and workflow support, enabling service providers to adopt process automation out-of-the-box, or to model and support their customers’ unique business processes, to provide full automation. This means that VOSS can deliver and manage UC services according to each end customer’s business needs.

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