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How can I get my UC offering to market quickly?

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Henry Barton, VP Strategy, VOSS

Deciding to invest in unified communications is a huge decision, but once the decision has been made, the key to success is getting the UC environment live as quickly as possible, so that you can sell bundles of UC service to your customer base - it's all about time to revenue!

By investing in a migration service to automate the transformation process from your existing communications environment to the new one, you will:

  • Save time
  • Save money
  • Negate manual error
  • Avoid data slippage
  • Improve customer satisfaction

VOSS Migration Services draw on the expertise, processes and best practices of the VOSS professional services organization, to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate and on-board users, devices and services to a next generation UC platform.

Our Migration Services extract data from multiple external sources, transform, enrich, and then load the data into the UC platform, which results in the automated setup of users, their associated devices and services on the new UC platform.

This enables you to automate the process of migrating users – and their devices and services - to VOSS-managed collaboration platforms.

By way of an example, a global service provider has been using VOSS Migration Services for the last 12 months. As a result of their determined customer deployment strategy, over 16,000 phones have been on-boarded across four customers and more than a dozen countries, in less than 12 months; all with an immense level of dial plan, trunking and local gateway customization. There currently exists a planned deployment schedule for a further 50,000 users from the current customer-base.

Further, a multi-national large enterprise, utilizing VOSS Migration Services, has been able to transform their existing legacy based system to a cloud-based platform, migrating over 35,000 users and devices in the last 16 months with a small 3 person team.

To find out more about how we can help with a UC transformation project, click here.