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How can I maintain flexibility but with a standardized process?

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS

An upfront structured framework is critical to setting up a manageable, effective and efficient UC environment. Automation cannot be achieved without a great degree of standardization. But in nearly all VOSS customer deployments, a high degree of design flexibility has been requested - within this structured process framework – to meet unique and complex business objectives.

Standardized deployment models, with flexible configuration capabilities, are a core strength of the VOSS technology.

With VOSS, flexible service configuration templates, data models, domain models, provisioning workflows, granular portal GUI controls and advanced business logic ensure that the full range of communications requirements are met for each and every user-group, without sacrificing complexity or creating barriers to a low-cost operating environment.

Through "intelligent" data modeling, VOSS gives service providers the capability to define high level standardized configurations for UC elements, including dial plan and available services.

In addition, VOSS ensures that customer-level UC services and configurations are controlled through strict security and role-based access, providing a means to take pre-defined standard configurations, and overlay specific customer required additions or modifications as needed.

Further, with our UC service packaging capability (feature groups), customized self-care portals and role-based access, service providers have complete control to offer their customers a subset of available UC services with minimal effort.

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