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I’m about to carry out a major migration project: Can VOSS help me?

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Henry Barton, VP Strategy, VOSS

The VOSS customer base has grown at a rapid rate over the last 24 months, especially with the adoption of cloud collaboration and the Cisco HCS architecture.

As a result, VOSS is being approached by more and more service providers and large enterprises to help them with their user/device/service on-boarding.

The VOSS Migration Services draw on the expertise, processes and best practices of the VOSS professional services team, to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate and on-board users, devices and services to a next generation UC platform. With over 1/2 million users and devices on VOSS production platform today, VOSS has the background and know how to make migrations as pain free as possible.

UC services are complex and engineering and deployment of these services can be challenging to say the least. The VOSS Migration Services for the deployment, migration and on-going management of these UC services can help to lower the organization’s overall TCO.

Whether you are migrating users from a legacy PBX to a Cisco collaboration platform, retrofitting UC management to an already deployed UC platform, or simply carrying out an organizational restructure, the VOSS Migration Services can help.

The way we work is to:

  • Agree a migration process
  • Carry out project planning
  • Identify all data sources
  • Configure migration tools
  • Perform the data capture and transformation process
  • UC platform load scheduling
  • Extract and enrich data
  • Load devices/applications onto the collaboration platform
  • Verify migrated users and devices

After carrying out a migration with VOSS, our customer feedback centers around 5 key benefits:

  • The on-boarding of users and devices was rapid and automated, with zero impact to business continuity
  • The process meant that data accuracy was ensured, with no loss of data during the transformation
  • VOSS was able to implement standard processes that can be replicated in the future
  • The communications data is now fully integrated in the VOSS platform
  • The migration costs were under control, as the over-runs and delays were avoided

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