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Our CFO wants to move to a cloud model for UC. Can VOSS help us with the transition?

Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS

As we see it, there are three options available to an enterprise organization that is considering cloud communications as a model.

  1. Go Cloud: Cisco launched Hosted Collaboration Solution in 2010, and with over 400 customers, it is clearly the leading cloud communications solution on the market today. As a key Software Development partner with Cisco, VOSS provides the UC management component to HCS, called Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager (UCDM).

    The benefit of Cisco HCS is that an enterprise organization gains access to all of the latest collaboration services, without the risk of a heavy capital outlay, and with minimal business risk. Operational and administrative costs are also negligible. You can read more about VOSS and HCS here.

  2. Go On-premise: You may wish to consider keeping your voice and data services on premise, which might address any security concerns, but note that this is a technically challenging option requiring your organization to maintain scarce and expensive technical staff to design, manage and operation your UC platform. We would suggest you engage with VOSS to add a UC management platform to ease this burden
    VOSS UC management would give you a scalable on-premise solution that would allow you to adopt a deployment model to suit your specific business structure and application needs. VOSS would provide devolved administration, giving autonomy and control for services and users. UC services could also be managed centrally across multiple geographies, sites, networks and business divisions. You can learn more about how to manage UC on-premise, here.
  3. Go hybrid: This is an increasingly popular model as it would empower you to access cloud-based UC applications and services, while retaining an on-premise communications environment. VOSS can also help you achieve this, by giving you a central management view of both environments, from a single dashboard.

    VOSS would give you the flexibility to combine on and off-premise solutions in whatever ratio is required, and a flexible approach to the virtualization of UC services, allowing you to move between these models, and future alternatives. Read more.

Whatever path you choose to go down, don’t forget that we offer the VOSS Migration Service which automates the process of transforming from one communications environment to another.

You can read more about Migration Services here.