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UC Management – What’s in it for you?

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Mike Frayne, CEO, VOSS

Unified communications - It’s everywhere! And now that UC has arrived and is being so widely adopted by enterprises of all shapes and sizes, there is a growing realization that administering UC services and apps, and the associated phones and devices, is actually quite an expensive, complex and time consuming process.

IT departments are being stretched to the limit carrying out MACDs on multiple systems – often involving many business workflows - in order to keep the workforce connected.

The major concern is that so much of the UC administration is manual. The sheer volume of communications-related trouble tickets means that it’s quite easy for the IT team to make a data error, or forget a step in the administration process. And, with so many interconnecting UC devices and apps, each error can be costly, and even more time consuming to rectify.

Which leads me nicely on to the concern of the day: The lack of a UC administration layer doesn’t exactly render the UC environment “broken”. Costly? Yes. Difficult to scale? Definitely. But not “broken”. And we all know the old adage that we don’t need to fix something that isn’t broken, right?

Well, at VOSS we think you do need to address this particular challenge. We think that UC without management is equivalent to a car without a steering wheel. Here are some concerns that lead us to this conclusion:

  • Time to resolution on communications-related trouble tickets is unacceptable
  • A lack of end user self-care is an increasing issue for the mobile workforce
  • UC administrators are up to their eyes in laborious MACD requests, meaning job satisfaction is at an all-time low
  • All the above increases the total cost of ownership of UC

VOSS-4-UC – our UC management platform - can fix this for you, and to help justify the adoption of UC management and make you decision even easier, we can actually demonstrate your likely return on investment. Yes, we’re giving you the evidence you need, to convince your management team that a move to UC management is a cost effective one.

The latest independent analysis by Nemertes Research shows that UC management tools reduce total operational costs from $2,747 to $1,050 per end point. That's a 47% reduction in cost, per phone. So, for a 10,000 seat organization, that means a potential saving of $16.9m.

We have teamed up with Mainstay Salire to create a benefits calculator that helps your organization work out how much you could save by deploying the VOSS software.

So, have you checked out our benefits calculator? If not, now might be a very good time to do so….