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Why is VOSS-4-UC an industry game changer?

Hanco Janse Van Rensburg, CTO, VOSS


Before launch, our partners, prospects and customers referred to VOSS-4-UC as “Game Changer”; such was the positive impact it had on those who got an early glimpse of its technological advancements.

We didn’t come up with the nickname by the way! But we do believe that VOSS-4-UC is a game changer. Based on our 10 years of experience and from working with the world’s leading service providers, it’s been re-architected to respond to the evolving demands of a modern-day communications structure.

We have always worked closely with our customers and partners; listening to their challenges, and providing solutions that really work. And as a result, we have been providing ground-breaking UC management for many years. However, with increasing complexity and innovation in the UC space, and the introduction of cloud communications, which means that more complex deployment models need to be supported, we felt it was time to introduce a new approach to UC management. And in our humble opinion; this is our best yet.

There is no doubt that VOSS-4-UC is the world’s most advanced UC management platform – and it answers the business challenges, cost drivers and problem areas that have started to plague the UC space. These include:

  1. The choices available to an enterprise has exploded in terms of each of the following core variables:

    • Range of IPT features and UC applications (mobility, video, conferencing, messaging, social, etc.)
    • End-to-end network architecture and PSTN interconnect
    • Cloud, on-premise or hybrid deployment models
    • The range of end-user devices (desk, soft, smart, mobile, dual-mode, BYOD, etc.) and increase in number of devices per user
  2. The rate of change has increased significantly. End-customers want new services immediately and they expect that services will inter-work with their existing legacy environments.
  3. The consumption model is changing, where users will be able to self-order and self-manage their services within a highly automated, simple to use web portal.

VOSS-4-UC pioneers UC management, changing the game of delivering and managing UC in four key sectors:

  1. Modular, expandable architecture: Choose from VOSS-4-UC modules and service applications to create the management ‘package’ that’s right for your business communications needs.
  2. Platform scope: Achieve full compatibility through 100% full feature parity, which means you’ll always stay up to date with the latest communications service technologies.
  3. Flexible foundations: Flexibility is a core theme in platform design, deployment, and operation. A much wider set of fully customizable templates and workflow, across the spectrum of UC applications, allows for fluid task orchestration, as well as fully adjustable user capabilities down to the individual user/seat.
  4. Custom management capabilities: VOSS-4-UC’s centralized management platform pulls together cloud-based and on-premise UC into one core view, while offering completely.