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Why is UC on-boarding so critical?

Christopher May, VP Business Development, VOSS

It’s no secret that the average enterprise communications system is growing in size and complexity across the board. In turn, the task of migrating large enterprise user and phone systems has become increasingly cumbersome and time-consuming for the service providers that offer communications services to these companies.

The strenuous on-boarding processes are daunting; not just because of the sheer number of users and phones, or the obsolete legacy environments that house them. The core issue at hand in UC migrations lies in the complex, ever-morphing qualities of the data itself. It is quite simply the nature of modern enterprise communications systems that the complexity and scope of the underlying configuration data continues to grow in complexity.

Q: How can I appropriately prepare for the complex mass migration of a data set that is constantly changing/totally dynamic?

A: VOSS Migration Services, a full suite of tools and service applications has been created specifically to simplify the on-boarding and provisioning process for advanced enterprise communications.

Q: How can VOSS Migration Services make my transformation project go more smoothly and efficiently?

A: VOSS helps to smooth migration projects in three ways:

  1. Faster – by automating the data gathering, normalization, transformation and loading, through the use of data warehousing techniques. VOSS accelerates the processing of massive amounts of data and enables larger volumes of transactions to take place in a given time window
  2. Easier – by providing a web-interface to allow data validation and editing in real-time and by providing a highly-repeatable and automated process for what is a complex task
  3. Fewer Errors – by removing the need for manual, error-prone steps in the migration process, VOSS lowers the rate of post-cutover user calls and the rate of site roll-backs.

Q: What are the benefits associated with using VOSS Migration Services?

A: There is a significant cost benefit to automating migrations, but the biggest benefit comes from lowering the project risk profile. Automated on-boarding processes simplify the entire mass migration across all sectors. This simplification is especially apparent in the batch process loading protocol; a technique that allows a service provider to constantly accept user and site location updates throughout the provisioning process. Automated data handling also cuts out common areas of human error.

Q: No business freezes, no stale data, and less data slippage are definitely a plus. But what’s the big picture?

A: A VOSS migration allows for a faster, more efficient, and more accurate deployment, period. The subsequent reduction in workflow and workforce resources, general error rate, and overall project time directly translates to higher quality customer service translated to your enterprise customer.