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My thoughts on the Cisco HCS Partner Summit in APAC

Christopher May, VP Product Marketing, VOSS

I attended the Cisco HCS partner summit in Sydney this week, where all the HCS partners in Australia and New Zealand, plus a number from Asia (China, Japan, ASEAN), came together to discuss a range of topics around cloud communications. It was interesting to see several of the global providers, such as BT, OBS and ATT attending, which I felt was a sign of their focus on Asia.

The big story of the summit was the amount of growth that Cisco is seeing in the APAC region. It’s clear that cloud communications is really starting to take-off in Asia and Australia.

High on the agenda was of course all the latest upgrades to the HCS management layer. Historically, management generally hasn’t had much focus at this type of partner summit, but at this particular event it got number one billing! There was a huge amount of interest around the next generation of the CUCDM platform (that VOSS manufactures and Cisco OEMs).

Cisco presented several of their latest UC proximity features and devices, and I have to say that Cisco has seriously raised the bar in terms of standard of design. What a transformation!

It was great to see a continued focus on UC platform design; and of course “plug & play” was a hot topic. Plus, Cisco shared research and gave a very interesting presentation on market dynamics.

I was invited to give a presentation on UC migration, and I talked about how, at every stage of the UC migration process, VOSS provides automation to reduce human involvement and accelerate the processing of data, all of which directly reduces the costs and risks of adopting UC services. We have proved this with a number of HCS partners already, and are very excited about the interest in the VOSS UC Migration Solution.

At the event, the competitive landscape was also discussed, and HCS has such a market lead that the discussion around next generation management was symptomatic of the lead that HCS has over the rest of the market.

Overall, it was great to interact with the Cisco HCS partners, and be part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking event. See you next time!

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