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How does VOSS UC management help big data migrations?


Henry Barton, VP Strategy, VOSS

We're gearing up for an exciting time at Enterprise Connect, and I’m pleased to say I'll be on our booth, #726, showcasing The VOSS UC migration solution that incorporates big data technology.

Why do we think this is meaningful?

In recent months, the communications industry has been consumed by the hot topic of 'big data': What is big data? Why is it becoming an increasingly important focus for UC service providers? How is big data being treated in respect to UC migrations?

Complex mass migration projects are often time-consuming, costly, risky and nearly always cumbersome. Though large data migrations are made much easier by the automation of traditional provisioning procedures, until now organizations still haven’t been able to automate several mandatory steps of the UC deployment process; a lot of the work was being done manually.

At VOSS, we have successfully incorporated big data methodology into our UC migration process, which introduces the opportunity to more fully and completely automate large scale UC migration projects. The VOSS "Extract, Transform, Validate, Load" (ETVL) approach to the migration of massive, complex enterprise communications systems, migrates data through the following core phases:

  1. Extract: Deep data extraction, cleaning and normalization from multiple legacy data sources and data types
  2. Transform: Intelligent data transformation and enrichment of the collected data, using advanced business logic
  3. Validate: Web-based access to the data to authenticate the data in real-time
  4. Load: Full or partial re-sync process ahead of automated, batch-based loading to the network, ready for site cutover.

With the VOSS ETVL methodology applied, the daunting, risky and costly task of big data migration is addressed by a process that is faster, easier, and more consistent. The effort of site survey is removed, as richer data is extracted directly from the network. Manual data processing tasks are fully automated, meaning that fewer resources are required. Data currency issues are removed, and error rates are significantly lower, which reduces the amount of calls to the helpdesk.

Come and see us at Enterprise Connect, boot #726, and I’ll give you a tour of the solution!

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