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How does VOSS management technology help Enterprises achieve hybrid UC?

Bill Dellara, VP Product, VOSS

Today, we issued a new white paper exploring the important role that UC management plays in enabling organizations to achieve a hybrid UC environment.

The aim of the white paper is to address the debate that is taking place in the marketplace, on the relative merits on cloud versus on-premise based UC. In the paper, we debate how VOSS can implement a mixed cloud/on-premise (hybrid) environment to either exploit the relative benefits of each environment, or to support an organization in its gradual transition from on-premise to cloud.

We have seen that in recent years, UC has moved more and more toward modern, cloud-based solutions. After all, a robust, fully cloud-based UC platform can revolutionize the way a large enterprise handles their daily communications needs, reducing operational costs, increasing efficiency and productivity through automated processes, freeing highly skilled technical staff to work on more valuable projects, and making UC tools and applications more accessible to end users across all levels.

However, even with so many cost, productivity, and end-user benefits to be realized, many large enterprises are still unwilling to move their entire UC environment to the cloud. Here are some of their concerns:

Security and prestige control can be a major roadblock for some enterprises looking to host their UC systems from the cloud. For example, government agencies tend to be very sensitive to information being hosted outside of their full hands-on control, for a multitude of reasons.

In many industries, specific data property regulations may prohibit an enterprise from hosting certain information sets off-premise and out of their full control. Banks, for example, operate under financial regulations that sometimes hinder the migration of some services or user data to the cloud.

Legacy Investments
Some companies may be hesitant to make a migration to a fully cloud-based UC solution due to the fact that they've already made a significant investment into their existing on-premise communications systems. In many cases, a company may have recently invested in new on-premise equipment and naturally want to get the full lifecycle and benefits-worth out of this hardware set.

So, how does VOSS help the organizations that aren't ready – or aren't willing - to fully adopt cloud-based UC?

VOSS is focused on changing the way we design, deploy, and operate communications architectures. As an industry leader in UC fulfillment management technology, we continually strive to improve and expand our UC management offerings, making them more accessible and user friendly for all types of enterprise companies. That's why VOSS offers a comprehensive management solution for hybrid UC environments, empowering organizations to access new and innovative applications and services from the cloud, while retaining secure and strategic control of an existing on-premise system. VOSS enables organizations to easily manage these two complex and disparate environments from a single management console.

VOSS UC management allows an enterprise to implement the perfect blend of hybrid UC, creating a custom solution that fits their individual security and control needs, while providing centralized administration and management from a single point of control. VOSS offers a wide range of benefits to both enterprises and service providers, allowing companies to freely pick and choose which services are kept on-premise and which are migrated to - or sourced from - the cloud.


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