VOSS Solutions

VOSS UC Management and the Federal Space

Jim Ortbals, VP Worldwide Partner Sales

I had the pleasure of representing VOSS at WWT's GeekDay last week; an invitation-only technology forum for Federal employees in the DC area.

WWT have come up with a great format whereby technologists from the Government sector come to talk about the latest technology with vendors that have been carefully selected by WWT. No marketing allowed. No frills. No gimmicks. No smoke and mirrors. Groundbreaking demos are given by experts in lab coats. It's an event where the technology does the talking.

We felt right at home! We enjoyed a strong flow of visitors to our booth, folks who came to learn how VOSS can help them more cost effectively manage existing UC deployments, and to better understand how VOSS tools can effectively support migration from an older releases of UC (or even pre UC infrastructure) to the latest and greatest UC solutions available. VOSS has been successfully carrying out complex mass migration projects for a number of years in large organizations, significantly easing the often time-consuming, costly, risky and nearly always cumbersome process.

We also demonstrated VOSS-4-UC; our powerful UC management platform that helps IT staff to regain control of the ever increasing costs of UC.

Take, for example, any of the Government departments that we talked to last week, and think about all the changes that are constantly happening within any particular agency. There is a constant rotation in-and-out of new employees, and of staff that get enrolled onto new projects that require a different set of UC tools and applications each time, and different admin rights. Keeping up with these basic change requests and the individual needs of these people is an operational nightmare for the IT staff within the department. And, when it comes time to implement the latest revision of software, imagine the complexity.

However, in a scenario like this, integral to VOSS-4-UC are some significant components – self-service, advanced automation and intelligent workflows to radically simplify the administration of UC users and their associated devices and services. Self-service enables IT staff to delegate selected functions directly to users while the automated workflows allow high volume business processes to be implemented much more effectively. IT staff can get their arms around the high volumes of MACDs as a significant portion of the process is automated, and can delegate less complex tasks down to the end-user level. And, when it comes time to upgrade, VOSS-4-UC uses an "Extract, Transform, Validate, Load" (ETVL) approach to the migration, to ensure that all users are properly upgraded AND they have the existing settings maintained.

I'm only scratching the surface with regard to the true power of VOSS-4-UC. Imagine how the VOSS UC management platform could scale to an entire government department that wanted to manage its own multi-cluster UC environment centrally, but give as much control as needed to individual divisions and sub agencies. The department could realize the cost savings of a centrally-administered solution while exposing functionality to the divisional level, even down to end user self-service. In this case all sides win, including the end user. 

Contact us today to talk about how VOSS works in the Federal arena.