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VOSS UC Services for a Modern World

Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS 

As a major enterprise firm - or a service provider with large enterprise customers seeking UC migration and UC management services - you demand professional, high-quality product and service offerings that adhere to the latest best practices in the UC industry.

With technology in an ever-advancing state, it can be hard to keep up with these best practice standards on a project-by-project basis.

It's the evolution and "modernization" of UC management and its related services that allows for the reduction in project time, project cost, and overall project risk.

However, the modernization that is sweeping across the UC industry is also making UC deployment infinitely more complex – begging the need for expert UC management as an integral part of the services that are delivered. As an enterprise company or its service provider, we think that in order to succeed with your UC, you need an expert team in your corner.

The professional services offered by VOSS are centered on providing the very best practices available, with a core focus on collaborating with each customer in a proactive partnership. At VOSS, we work alongside our customers to design and deploy a UC environment to suit specific needs, and then we support our customers in the critical on-boarding phase, to get users and devices onto the new UC environment as quickly and efficiently as possible. The VOSS professional services team does not stop there; we pass on our expertise and deep understand of UC, to simplify and automate much of our customers’ day-to-day UC administration, freeing engineers to work on more challenging and rewarding tasks. When the time comes for upgrades and scaling projects, the VOSS services team is on hand to provide a wealth of experience to ensure the project goes without a hitch.

In the last 12 months alone, our services team has worked with over a dozen customers worldwide, to accelerate the on-boarding of more than 125,000 users and endpoints onto their production UC platforms.

By way of an example, over the last year, the VOSS services team has been supporting a communications service provider (CSP) in their deployment of several large, multi-national corporations on a Cisco HCS platform. These end customers all have diverse, multi-country requirements and we believe that this represents the most advanced and complex HCS deployment in the world to date. It could not have been achieved without the dial plan and infrastructure management capabilities inherent within the HCS management toolset.

The CSP has already carried out 1.2million VOSS UCDM business transactions, and loaded over 2,000 bulk data loaders. This example proves that collaboration between an experienced VOSS services team – advising on the latest Cisco-VOSS operational best-practice – together with a focused, well-trained on-boarding team, comprising the provider's own Cisco-certified solution architects and operational support staff, has empowered the provider to realize its ambitious roll-out strategy. The end customers that have been on-boarded onto the HCS platform showcase a rich variety of scenarios. And, as the central provider's deployment team gains experience and moves rapidly up the 'learning curve', the on-boarding process is getting even faster.

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