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VOSS Market Predictions for the UC Industry in 2015

Market Predictions for the UC Industry in 2015, from VOSS

1. The Upsurge in Cisco HCS User Adoption Rates

With over 100 organizations around the globe having adopted the Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution, VOSS predicts that 2015 will be the year that end user on-boarding really takes off. These global organizations, having committed to the Cisco HCS framework, will take advantage of the VOSS UC Migration Solution to rapidly on-board huge volumes of end users, and their associated devices and UC applications. As a result, the speed at which end users are on-boarded will increase dramatically, and the number of end user devices in production on HCS platforms around the world will grow exponentially.

2. New Social Media Tools Force the Integration Question

With new offerings coming to market, such as Cisco's Project Squared and the rumored Facebook at Work, the collaboration space is set for yet another evolution. The rapid and seamless integration of new collaboration tools into the wider corporate communications infrastructure will play a big part in their success. UC management will be critical to achieving this goal, automating the process of absorbing these new collaboration tools into an organization's communications environment.

3. The Rise of Multi-Service Solutions

Organizations will continue the trend of favoring best of breed technology over a single vendor solution in 2015. This will mean that a big focus area for companies building multi-service solutions will be integration. That is, not just the integration between applications and vendors, but also the growing need for network integration, to ensure that users have seamless access to services in real-time, regardless of their device or location.

4. Riding the WebRTC Wave

WebRTC will continue to take shape, gaining market attention and traction. The parallels between WebRTC and the early SIP days are striking, with vendors looking to quickly adapt and expand the capabilities to meet their needs. VOSS predicts that browser support needs and browser preferences will likely create some interesting partnerships, early in the New Year.

5. A Shift in UC Vendor Focus Towards the SME

VOSS predicted it in 2014, but it's taken a while longer for the market to catch on! In 2015, leading UC vendors will shift their focus towards the SME market, exposing an exciting new business opportunity for cloud and managed service providers. The key to vendor success will be the ability to develop a flexible UC solution that includes UC management at the core, allowing a company to grow from sub-100 users up to 10k+.


Do you agree? What do you think will happen in 2015? Let us know!