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Why is the Cisco DX80 such an important product for the enterprise?

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This blog discusses why the Cisco DX80 is such an important product for the Enterprise, and the implication for 'plug and play'

Christopher May, VP Business Development, VOSS

We issued a press release last week, announcing our support for the revolutionary new Cisco end-user devices, specifically the DX80 all-in-one video conference system and android, touch-screen computer. We've had a higher-than-normal response to this news item, with interest from journalists, analysts and our customer base.

And there's good reason for this high level of interest – Cisco seemed to have genuinely 'changed their spots' with the quality of design and openness of the DX80. I immediately decided to buy one and you will too, once you see it.

I had the opportunity to see the DX80 and DX70 in the flesh at the Cisco Collaboration Summit in Macau two weeks ago, and I was absolutely bowled over with what Cisco is doing here. And importantly, this appears to be only the beginning of what will be a big focus on making enterprise communications 'cool and fun'.

Here's why I think that the DX80 is such a milestone for Cisco: They've focused on what enterprise executives need in today's 'anywhere and anytime' business world and have come up with a quality device that is not only non-proprietary, but at consumer-level pricing … now that's a change!

For years now, executives have resorted to bringing their own consumer devices to work. Their IT organizations have not been able to provide the same quality and mobility that executives want. We’ve seen the growth in BYOD, as a result.

By incorporating the Android operating system to run the latest Cisco video and UC applications, Cisco has broken the mold on their traditional proprietary phones. Cisco is giving executives the enterprise tools they need, but with a consumer experience. Everyone will already know how to use this Cisco device, because it’s an Android touch screen computer. The fact that it also turns into a business phone with amazing high definition video conferencing, makes it a killer-device.

I intend to install the DX80 in my home office so that I can connect more effectively with my team, who are based around the world. It will seem as though I’m in the same office with each one of them.

Now, from a VOSS perspective, what does the DX80 mean?

Whenever we see vendors taking about 'ease-of-use', we love it. We've been saying that enterprise communications has been too complex for too long. Executives don't use the advanced features when they are too complex to activate and are not intuitive. So hearing Rowan Trollope, who leads Cisco's Collaboration Technology Group, giving his commitment to make Cisco collaboration simple, fun, and intuitive, we get excited.

And the reason is that when the industry talks about ease of use, in the next breath comes 'plug and play'. And 'plug and play' means only one thing: UC automation. And of course, this is where VOSS comes into play.

There is no doubt that Cisco is leading the way in manufacturing really cool, highly intuitive, easy to use technology that brings the workplace into the 21st century. But VOSS will be the enabling technology to this Cisco strategy of making enterprise communications easy to use and fun.

In order for technology like the DX-80 to be genuine 'plug and play', there has to be a system like VOSS at work behind the scenes to configure the device on the network, allocate its numbers, link it to the user’s profile, set the class of service, align it to messaging and presence applications, etc. It doesn't happen by magic. VOSS-4-UC absorbs the growing complexity around deploying and managing these beautiful devices; to automate multi-step, business workflows; to take care of service activation; and, to offer user-centric, multi-device operational management.

VOSS has always been focused on ease of deployment, to empower organizations to realize the Cisco vision of 'plug and play' devices, by automating the deployment and management of these fantastic new devices. UC automation has a significant role to play in the future of simplifying the delivery and management of UC devices and applications. You can't be truly plug and play without advanced UC automation.

So look for the new DX80 and be confident that your executives will be able to adopt this technology efficiently because we've got the DX80 covered at VOSS.