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Notes from the Intel Capital Summit, California

Notes from the Intel Capital Summit, California
Mike Frayne, CEO, VOSS

Now in its 15th year, the Intel Capital Global Summit is, in my opinion, one of the industry's most innovative networking events of the year; one that I always try to attend. The conference agenda is designed to encourage as much interaction as possible, with plenty of time for meetings and interactive sessions to share ideas and learn about new innovations, and to explore new business and technology opportunities.

This year the agenda was varied, but the main themes were orientated towards start-ups; how to conceptualize, fund, and then kick off new technology ideas, and how to take your company from strength to strength.

As usual, I had a pretty busy schedule, and a large portion of my time was spent in meetings with delegates from the large corporates – major banks and global enterprises. These companies use the Intel Summit as a forum to scout for new technologies that are emerging that may be useful to their business.

I found these meetings particularly interesting, as many of these global organizations are turning their attention to the potential benefits that UC management technology has to offer, in order to address the challenge of retaining strategic control of their increasingly powerful communications networks.

Interestingly, trends such as workforce mobility, BYOD, and the consumerization of IT are all contributing factors to the importance that these organizations are placing on their communications infrastructure; more and more, the communications network sits at the absolute heart of the organization – it is how colleagues in remote corners of the world collaborate in real time, how business productivity is fuelled, and how the company competes and grows. However, with this comes spiraling operational costs and evermore complex IT administration and support. Fortunately, VOSS UC management really does address these challenges head on; and I was delighted to share our experience of successfully providing UC management to organizations facing similar challenges.

Another theme that resonated throughout many of these meetings was the fact that when it comes to communications infrastructure, Cisco and Microsoft UC applications tend to co-exist; it's rarely one technology giant or the other. There is clearly a real need to integrate these two technologies so that collaboration services and tools work in harmony, seamlessly, and are managed centrally. This is something that VOSS has been working very hard on, and so I was able to share examples of how we address this challenge today.

To learn more about how VOSS UC management supports large global organizations, or to find out more about how we enable Cisco and Microsoft Lync to coexist in the network, please contact us.