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Reporting back from WWT’s TEC Day, San Diego

Reporting back from WWT’s #TEC Day, San Diego
Tim Hanna, Channel System Engineer, VOSS

The TEC series of events, organized by WWT for its increasingly large customer base, stands for “technology, education and collaboration”. It’s always a delight for VOSS to support these events, providing thought leadership around the exciting area of UC and the evolving role that UC management plays.

We were pleased to attend WWT’s most recent TEC Day last week in San Diego, with the agenda focusing in on three industry trends that challenge WWT’s customer base: Big data, software defined networking, and security.

VOSS always attends these events with the aim to raise awareness and generate discussion around UC management. We believe that UC management should be included in every organization’s communications platform to ensure a successful collaboration strategy. At the TEC Day in San Diego, it was interesting to see how the theme of UC management intertwined with the chosen agenda topics – big data, SDN and security.

1. The impact of big data on a communications platform. When it comes to next generation communications, moving large amounts of data from one environment to another (e.g. TDM PBX to IP-PBX, TDM PBX to UC, IP-PBX to UC, or UC to UC) is no easy task. At the TEC day, we enjoyed a number of discussions around managing big data voice migrations by harnessing the VOSS UC migration solution to automate this complex process.

2. The concept of software defined networks (SDN) – an approach to computer networking that allows network administrators to manage network services through abstraction of lower level functionality - can apply equally to UC. In the case of UC, it’s the intelligence to link devices to a user profile (that combines all your permissions and preferences), and then apply business logic and rules to automatically direct calls to and from your multiple devices, over the most appropriate path. Again, this was a topic that resonated with the attendees at the TEC day last week.

3. Security and how UC management can increase the security of a communications network was another issue that was addressed at the VOSS booth. VOSS offers configurable security policies that include password strength, login control, reset control, encryption, session timeout, password / PIN validation and expiry control, to make sure that a corporate communications network reduces the threat of a data attack.

It’s great to see that WWT continues to push the boundaries, by addressing the most relevant industry trends at these one-day events, inspiring interactive debate amongst its customer base and presenting enticing solutions to real industry challenges. We look forward to attending future WWT Tec Day events; so stay tuned for our next exhibit or contact us at any time!