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VOSS UC Management: The Foundation for Partner Success

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Jim Ortbals, VP Partner Sales, VOSS

For enterprises, the true complexity of UC is starting to hit home. Not least because of the increasing numbers of UC applications and services available, multiple devices per user, and multi-country dial plans and gateways to manage. TCO is becoming a pressing issue too.

As a result, an increasing number of enterprises are looking to out-task their communications to the cloud in order to control costs, mitigate risk, reduce administration, and benefit from next generation collaboration tools. And, as interest in cloud gathers pace, there is momentum amongst the Value Added Reseller and Systems Integrator community to have a cloud communications offering in place, to reap the rewards of this trend.

While enterprise customers have bought into the fact that cloud communications offer a competitive advantage that can fuel growth, partners beware that today's average consumer has become accustomed to a highly inclusive and involved interaction when it comes to IT services; what we call the consumerization of IT. When applied to the UC market, it's more important now than ever before that the partner community is cognisant of this new set of consumer expectations when it comes to inter-company collaboration

As a result, the quality of the cloud communications offering has to be top notch; well-priced, fully-featured, secure, and robust. To hit these exacting standards, the partner community simply will not be successful in cloud communications unless there is a UC management component in place. This is because if enterprises think that standard on-premise UC is complex, the administration of cloud communications takes complexity to a whole new level.

UC management is therefore instrumental in securing a piece of this emerging market. In fact, it plays two fundamental roles in a partner's cloud communications offering:

The value it brings to the partner
Among many other benefits, VOSS UC management offers:

  • Highly automated migration services to rapidly on-board users and devices to the new platform
  • A centralized management portal to administer multiple customers from a single point of control

The value it brings to the enterprise customer
Among many other benefits, VOSS UC management offers:

  • Multiple levels of administration, to decentralize day-to-day MACDs and offer mobile self-service in real-time to end users
  • Capped costs to regain control of operational expenditure
  • Access to the very latest best-of-breed collaboration services

With VOSS UC management, a VAR or SI will not only create a more seamless end-to-end cloud communications experience, it will adhere to the enterprise industry's growing expectations for next generation communications and collaboration.

Contact me to find out how we are helping our partner community to use UC management as a competitive differentiator.