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BCOM – A Positive Step for UC Management


Mike Frayne, CEO, VOSS Solutions

I wanted to take the time to comment on a recent announcement from UC Strategies, regarding a new product category called BCOM (Business Communications Operations Management). Phil Edholm is pioneering the BCOM initiative, and has written a great blog post about it here.

So what is BCOM?
UCStrategies has identified this new category to encompass products that automate and simplify the challenge of managing today's increasingly sophisticated communications environments.

UC management experts, including VOSS, have joined forces to support this initiative, to drive awareness that BCOM solutions are critical in organizations moving from simple traditional telephony to sophisticated modern business communications and UC systems.

This diagram shows that BCOM I at the heart of a business communications operation system, interconnecting all services and applications, across the lifecycle of platform:

bcom and unified communication management

Part of the launch program included a debate at Enterprise Connect, which saw industry thought leaders such as Phil Edholm, Kevin Kieller, Zeus Kerravala, Marty Parker, and Blair Pleasant take to the stage, to discuss the subject of "Why UC Fails (And How To AVOID It)". The session was well attended, and kicked the new initiative off to a great start.

This slide was presented during the panel session. It explains what makes BCOM unique to the market place, and shows the many areas of a business communication platform that it interconnects with:

bcom and uc management

This slide explains the value that you can expect from a BCOM solution, essentially empowering your IT team to administer and operate your UC platform faster, more efficiently, and more consistently:

unified communications (uc) and business communications operations management (bcom)

We look forward to following the progress of the BCOM initiative, and hope to see a growing awareness amongst users of this new category and the important role that it plays in the success of a UC platform.

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