VOSS Solutions

Channeling our Inner Geek

Jim Ortbals, VP Global Sales, VOSS

VOSS sponsored WWT's Geek Day last week; our second year at this invitation-only technology forum for Federal agencies in the Washington DC area.

Interestingly, in just 12 months, we found the conversations at our booth significantly more sophisticated in terms of UC management requirements. Both civilian and non-civilian Federal agencies are now looking to better optimize resources; and a business communications operations management (BCOM) solution is a compelling way to achieve that goal. So lots to talk about from a VOSS perspective!

All the discussions I had at the booth centered on how to help Federal agencies get their arms around the complexity of unified communications, and bring a standardized process to their networks.

This year, I had the honor of hosting a [very interactive] seminar. The theme was "Enabling Enterprise Communications and Collaboration from a Single Point of Control" where I addressed the challenge that, with multiple vendors, systems, applications, interfaces, and devices, how is it possible to be highly successful in managing a UC environment despite its complexity.

The presentation sparked a number of insightful questions, on how to deploy UC faster and with less risk, how to reduce the total cost of UC, how to introduce automation to provision MACDs, and how to improve the end user experience. So it was a great opportunity to give the audience an update on recent developments with both MiGR8-2-UC (our product that helps organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services, to a new UC platform), and VOSS-4-UC (our groundbreaking UC management platform that simplifies the design, build, deployment and operations of enterprise communications infrastructures, and reduces 5-year TCO by up to 50%).

If you would like a copy of my slides, please get in touch.