VOSS Solutions

Differentiating your Hosted and Managed UC offer with VOSS Game Changer

Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS Solutions

In my eyes, the CUCDM 10.1.2 press release today is a huge milestone for VOSS. This new UC management platform, branded VOSS-4-UC in the non-Cisco world, has been completely re-architected to suit the evolving demands of complex cloud collaboration environments.

Cisco staff and HCS partners have nicknamed this release of CUCDM "Game Changer"; and for good reason.

CUCDM 10.1.2 addresses all of the customer feedback we have received over the past 3 years, with an end result of offering flexible design template customization, flexible and more intuitive management portals, operational adaptability to better fit your business model (e.g. hybrid deployment model), and enhanced integration capabilities into your OSS/BSS layer.

The press release does a great job of highlighting the "game changing" elements of our new product design, so I won’t go into too much detail. It suffices to say that CUCDM 10.1.2 empowers HCS partners to build a differentiated HCS and managed services UC offer. For example:

  • Customized, operational workflows and configuration design templates
  • Customized, intuitive wizards
  • LDAP/AD integration (to overcome the current limitations of the AD-CUCM sync)
  • 3rd party application integration (and proxy where APIs don't exist) such as attendant consoles, call recording applications, SAP or Salesforce
  • OSS/BSS Integration (e.g. billing and reporting integration)
  • Custom portals

I want to touch on a webcast that we are producing, to support the launch of CUCDM 10.1.2. It’s on Thursday March 26th at 10am ET / 2pm London (note only 4 hours time difference due to daylight saving clock changes, and apologies if this time is antisocial for your region; the webcast will be recorded and offered on demand).

The webcast, which I’m excited to be a part of, will be split into two parts. Firstly we will show you how and why CUCDM 10.1.2 is different. Then, we will highlight a few of the services that VOSS offers, to help HCS partners achieve the goal of differentiated HCS and managed UC services offerings. These VOSS services include:

  • POC and reference platform support
  • Assured or assisted designs and builds, including the CUCDM 10 design and build
  • CUCDM training with a specific focus on CUCDM 10 Game Changer
  • Transformation services to support the Game Changer operational design, implementation and ongoing support
  • Migration and on-boarding services

We will also throw in a couple of case studies, to give real life examples of where VOSS has delivered value to HCS partners.

Last but not least, I’d seriously encourage you to join our webcast as we will be announcing to webcast attendees, the details of our free Game Changer workshops (for each of our major theaters).

See you there on March 26th!