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Reporting in from WWT’s #TEC Day Hawaii

Tim Hanna, Channel System Engineer, VOSS

I'm just back from WWT's #TEC day in Hawaii, and what a great event it was too.

VOSS and WWT have been in partnership since 2014, and this was our second year as sponsors of the Hawaii #TEC Day.

As a company, WWT is a great host, and we were greeted like old friends by WWT’s Hawaii team. Our booth was in a prime location, next to the WWT booth. There was a good turnout and the expo floor busy. Several VOSS customers stopped by our booth to hear about our recent developments, and many new organizations came by to learn more about our groundbreaking technology.

We were busy giving demos for most of the day, and received comments such as; “I hope we get this as part of the network upgrade that WWT is doing”, which made us happy!

Like last year, attendees were predominantly from government departments, and VOSS had some meaningful discussions around how to redesign various government networks. The banking and healthcare industries were also represented, and as these are markets that VOSS also plays strongly in, we were able to share details about our latest version of VOSS-4-UC: The Enterprise Edition (watch our video to learn more!)

This latest version of VOSS-4-UC embraces the concept that companies want a UC management solution that is pre-configued to suit its industry vertical. This is a powerful and cost-effective way of managing a UC environment.

VOSS-4-UC: The Enterprise Edition includes the following elements to create vertical industry solutions "off the rack":

  • A set of user profiles, pre-configured for an industry vertical and customized with the best applications and configuration settings to meet the user profile’s needs and improve their productivity
  • A set of industry features, pre-templated with the relevant GUI customization to expose these settings at the appropriate level
  • A set of third party UC systems, pre-integrated to ensure rapid rollout and user adoption
  • A set of use cases for each industry vertical, including end-to-end workflow / templates / GUI / wizard automation
  • IT systems integration within the organization, offering a framework, experience and resources to rapidly integrate to a customer’s IT systems, quickly and at low cost

However, VOSS recognizes that no two companies are alike, so we re-configure templates to meet the specific needs of the business, without a custom build. The benefit is a much higher level of automation to truly simplify operational processes and lower operating costs:

  • Cost of implementation is low
  • Cost of maintenance remains low
  • No barriers to change/upgrade  

VOSS-4-UC: The Enterprise Edition allows organizations to create a UC environment that meets the requirements of their business. This unparalleled flexibility was very appealing to delegates at the #TEC Day and we look forward to following up with these new prospects to see how VOSS can help them optimize their enterprise collaboration environments into the future.

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