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VOSS - Supporting Capita As They Go From Strength to Strength

Derek Lipscombe, Director, VOSS Solutions

It was great to see the Capita IT Enterprise Services (ITES) announcement today announcing its new cloud collaboration service offering that supports government and commercial clients with their communications requirements in the UK.

VOSS has been working with Capita ITES for some time, providing UC management tools to help optimise and automate the way that their communications infrastructure is administered. So it’s heartening to see this evolve, with market demand, towards a cloud-based solution. Capita’s new UC offering combines the Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS) from Cisco, with Capita’s secure UK cloud and service management expertise.

So where does VOSS play in this new cloud-based infrastructure?

We have several roles.

Firstly, VOSS has been chosen by Capita ITES to be its extended delivery partner; that is, to provide a seamless migration path for government departments and commercial enterprises that choose to move to Capita’s cloud-based communications platform. Capita is harnessing the power of VOSS MiGR8-2-UC, a highly sophisticated product that has been designed to carry out big data UC migration projects. MiGR8-2-UC will help Capita to rapidly and efficiently onboard its clients, their associated users, devices and UC services, to the new cloud-based platform.

The second area where VOSS is involved is Cisco HCS itself. VOSS provides the UC domain management platform in Cisco HCS, called CUCDM. CUCDM is integral to HCS, and enables providers such as Capita to manage their UC services and applications, and the various disparate network elements, from a single platform.

But there’s a bigger theme here that I wanted to touch on. "Order to cash", defined here by Wikipedia, is the business process for receiving and processing a customer sale. And it’s something that providers have historically found very difficult to get right at service launch.

When it comes to offering unified communications as a service, for a provider to successfully transform an “order” into a “happy customer”, they must following the following steps:

  1. Discover/audit the customer’s legacy communications environment, to fully understand how user settings and dial plan are configured on the incumbent platform
  2. Migrate the customer, its users, devices and services in a seamless and non-disruptive manner to the new hosted platform
  3. Bill the customer for the consumption of the new cloud collaboration services

VOSS, following its strategic partnership with Soft-ex, is providing a fully integrated customer billing solution. I’m personally very excited about working with Capita ITES and playing a central role in addressing the "order to cash" challenge. It’s a unique benefit that Capita can offer its customers right now, and it supports Capita’s drive to successfully on-board new customers to the cloud collaboration platform as quickly and efficiently as possible.

I am certain we will see a flurry of news announcements in the coming months, as clients (governments and commercial enterprises alike) take advantage of this existing new innovative offering from Capita.

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