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Supporting Cisco and the Deployathon Initiative

Rob Hamlin, Head of Tech Services, North America, VOSS

For the last 12 months, there have been a number of Cisco deep dive workshops held in multiple geographies, on the new Evolution capabilities of Hosted Collaboration Solution (HCS). The objective is to give HCS partners a fuller understanding of the value of Cisco’s market-leading cloud collaboration solution and the great new capabilities of the latest versions of the HCS components.

The most recent series of workshops focuses on the latest generation of Cisco HCS - 10.6.2. And, there are some enhancements in 10.6.2 that I firmly believe are going to positively change the perception of HCS within the partner community.

"Bring Your Own Dial Plan" has been a big theme at this latest round of workshops, and it is a feature that Cisco offers to enable HCS partners to rapidly move existing managed customers over to HCS through two-way sync, and simply "overlaying" HCS for day-2 management. Not surprising the level of interest from partners, seeing as Bring Your Own Dial Plan greatly increases the time to revenue and removes the need for re-provisioning.

Interestingly, for many partner attendees, these workshops are their first introduction to CUCDM; the domain management platform (provided by VOSS Solutions) which is integral to HCS. Oftentimes, HCS partners will not have had the opportunity to get hands-on experience of CUCDM, and are yet to understand the power of the centralized and highly automated management platform.

I had the privilege of attending a Cisco HCS 10.6.2 workshop last week in Atlanta, and was able to experience first-hand, the positive audience reaction to the enhancements that CUCDM brings to this latest generation of HCS.

Firstly, the attendees were introduced to CUCDM Overbuild. Overbuild is a UC management solution that makes an enterprise customer’s transition to HCS a simple process. It effortlessly takes over the enterprise’s existing communications platform, and automatically learns all existing data that has been deployed in the incumbent UC environment, providing a single portal to replace all the interfaces for multiple UC services. For HCS partners, this presents a really compelling path for customers to transition to cloud-based UC. And it allows the end customer to move to the cloud at their own pace.

Secondly, HCS partners were given an insight into VOSS Analytics. This is a new add on module from VOSS that has been developed as a value-added element to HCS. The VOSS team gave an Analytics demo during the workshop, which sparked positive feedback and interactive discussion. It’s Cisco’s aim to invite partners to become early adopters of Analytics, to evaluate the capability and to provide feedback for the next iteration of the solution. We’re sure that Analytics will be highly useful to HCS partners as well as to their end customers.

Thirdly, VOSS Adaptation Services were presented. CUCDM has been designed to be highly flexible, and changes can be made easily without complex, labor-intensive coding, or the associated time and budget implications. With Adaptation Services, the VOSS team can rapidly adjust HCS data and device models, configuration templates, orchestration workflows and IT integrations, all within a highly agile, core product framework, to better match a Cisco HCS partner’s business requirements.

The adaptation of a partner’s HCS environment will not only increase the level of end-to-end automation, genuinely lowering TCO, but it will also allow a partner’s communications platform to be much more dynamic. The ability to introduce new services or improve features will be much easier, faster, and achieved in the knowledge that these business changes can be incorporated without the need for manual workarounds.

Key Take-Aways
It’s always extremely useful to spend time with Cisco and HCS partners, to share our experience of CUCDM and the value it brings to HCS, and to learn more about the momentum in the cloud collaboration market.

To support Cisco’s investment in HCS education, we have created our own initiative, called CUCDM "Evolution" Awareness Program (CEAP). Cisco HCS Partners are invited to attend VOSS Orientation Workshops, which complement Cisco’s workshops, to get hands on experience and exposure to the many exciting features, capabilities, and benefits of the new CUCDM. This program of technical workshops is offered to HCS partners free of charge, and we hope that you take full advantage of it!

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