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VOSS Analytics – Taking UC Insight to the Next Level


Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager, VOSS Solutions

I’m less than a month in to my tenure at VOSS and it’s been great to hit the ground running by getting heavily involved in the launch of the VOSS Analytics module. We launched the module last week; so far, interest from customers and partners has been excellent and feedback has been very favorable.

In a nutshell, the VOSS Analytics module addresses the challenge of gathering data about service usage and adoption, user trends, and license consumption, in a multi-application, multi-vendor UC environment. We provide all of this information in a single portal in a matter of seconds. Whether you use CUCDM or VOSS-4-UC, you can benefit from analytics.

In this blog post, I want to give you some use case examples of how early adopter customers are benefiting from the module.

Clearer insight into license consumption

One of the largest resellers of Cisco UC services in North America charges its clients based on the number of Cisco licenses used. However, until now, the reseller has not been able to easily determine which licenses are being consumed per site and per subscriber. The IT team has had to manually determine for each subscriber at each site which license is being consumed, by looking at the phone types and services assigned to that subscriber.

With the introduction of the VOSS Analytics module, the reseller can now, in real-time, see what type of Cisco license is being consumed at a subscriber level. In addition the reseller can see the license consumption at a site and customer level, by license type.

Quicker access to business intelligence

One of the largest cloud-based UC providers in Europe needed to know which CUCM users have voicemail services based on CUCx. Previously, the provider had to extract data from both systems and carry out a “look up”, before being able to see which users had voicemail. This effort took 3 days every billing cycle.

In the VOSS Analytics module, this information is readily available; not just for voicemail but for all other UC services such as Presence, SNR, WebEx and phone types. The VOSS Analytics module carries out a simple data extract, which has allowed the analysis effort to be reduced from 3 days to a matter of minutes.

A more reliable billing process

A large US-based provider wanted to know the counts for each phone types at a site. The provider used this information for phone replacement as well as for monthly billing. Previously, the provider used manual spreadsheets to keep track of all the phones, but there was a concern that as the user base grew, the data was becoming increasingly hard to keep up to date.

The VOSS Analytics module provides this data instantly in a report where phone type counts are given per customer and per site, in real-time. The provider is now able to rely on up-to-date data for this critical billing-related activity.


It’s interesting to see our customers take early steps with the VOSS Analytics module – they are using the innovative tool in so many different ways, to improve business processes, to take better and more informed decisions, and to get quicker access to more reliable reporting.

You can download the datasheet here.

If you have any questions about the module, or if you would like to arrange a demo, please do not hesitate to get in touch.