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VOSS – Delivering on the BCOM Promise

Christopher May, VP Business Development, VOSS

I’m hugely excited about the Business Communications Operations Management (BCOM) category that UC Strategies identified in March, and that our CEO, Mike Frayne blogged about recently. But I strongly recommend people read the latest UC Strategies blog from Phil Edholm on VOSS Solution’s capabilities around BCOM.

I’ve been with VOSS for more than 10 years, and those who know me will attest to the fact that I am very passionate about the important role that management plays in business communications. What Phil’s paper brings to light is that all of the focus that VOSS has targeted towards solving problems for the Service Provider industry is now paying dividends in addressing the rapidly evolving enterprise market requirements.

The whole point about the drive towards BCOM solutions is the fact that we are seeing the medium to large business communications market becoming much closer to the Service Providers in terms of requirements. When an Enterprise IT Manager only had voice and voicemail services to manage, everyone in the company got a desk phone and a voicemail account. They could manage this manually with a small team of certified engineers. However, as these same companies address:

  • the demands of unified communication applications (mobility, unified messaging, collaboration, etc.)
  • a flood of new mobile/smart devices
  • new centralized trunking requirements and changes to dial plan
  • upgraded data centers
  • new mobile UC service from the cloud (e.g. Cisco Spark and video meeting rooms)
  • ever increasing trend towards multi-vendor
  • the need for integration between the communications platform and the traditional IT systems

Business communications system are becoming more and more complex and the IT Manager is now facing similar issues with a lack of process repeatability, just as services providers have dealt with for years.

The support team that delivered just voice and voicemail cannot possibly be expected to get their heads around all of the above business communications sophistication. Staff training costs must rise and new staff must be hired. Several different specialists are required to perform operational use cases. All of which drives these large enterprises towards selecting a proven BCOM management solution.

With over 10 years of delivering BCOM solutions to the Service Provider market, VOSS Solutions can proudly say that we are the global leader in this UC management space. No other company can boast over 100 Service Provider customers, including many of the world’s largest carriers, across the globe. We effectively have over 60% market share of the Tier-1 service provider market, in every continent.

It is with this background of proven performance, at carrier-grade, that we can boast having the most advanced BCOM solution in the market today.

So the fact that UC Strategies has officially identified VOSS Solutions as a leader in this new industry category is hugely important to us. Rather than a handful of independent software vendors competing for market share, we now have a voice within the UC Strategies thought leader team that has said – hey, BCOM management tools ARE important and you should take a good look at VOSS Solutions.

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