VOSS Solutions

Reporting Back from WWT’s Collaboration VT Summit

Michael Lyons, Director of Sales, VOSS  

I’m always impressed when I go to a WWT event, and this week was no exception. Kudos to the events team; they really do deliver quality events. On this occasion, 30-40 consulting engineers and systems architects from the collaboration space were gathered for their team meeting. Lucky for us, VOSS was one of a handful of vendors that was invited to participate.

This was set to be a great opportunity for the VOSS team to update a core group of WWT employees on our latest product developments and industry initiatives. Conversations at the VOSS booth were as interactive as you would expect. After all, these are systems engineers that are architecting the communications platforms for some of the country’s largest and most challenging organizations.

Migration was a hot topic, with the WWT engineers showing an interest in how to automate large UC migration projects. VOSS has many use case examples of moving hundreds of thousands of users and devices from one location to another, or from one platform to the next, so we were able to share lots of best practise hints and tips with the WWT team.

UC management was high on the agenda. WWT folk that were new to VOSS were interested to hear how VOSS-4-UC can be deployed and managed from a single pane of glass. Great timing that the Nemertes report was hot off the press, positioning VOSS as the #1 UC management vendor.

UC Analytics was another discussion point. Feedback from the WWT team was that many customers would benefit from the ability to retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions, through an easy-to-use web-based portal. We look forward to investigating this new line of business with WWT.

But probably most interesting for me, was the level of inquiry around the growing desire from WWT customers for Cisco and Microsoft UC technology to co-exist. Multi-vendor UC management is clearly a requirement for companies who wish to exploit best of breed technologies.

I came away buzzing from the interactive discussions that we had with the WWT systems engineers. The VOSS / WWT partnership is built on very solid foundations: WWT has a very impressive workforce that is focused on delivering the best technical solutions to blue chip organizations and government agencies. VOSS offers a suite of products that supports WWT in that goal.

At the event we made some great connections, and had the good fortune to spread the awareness of VOSS capabilities further into the WWT community. A very worthwhile 24 hours!