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The sky’s the limit for collab9


Ina Kelly, Sales Director, VOSS Solutions

collab9 has been a UCaaS provider since its inception in 2013. However, unlike most other UCaaS payers, collab9 has created a highly differentiated and specialized offer focused on the Federal and SLED markets. collab9 has built the world's only FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) certified program and VOSS was particularly delighted when they announced that they had been awarded FedRAMP authorization at the end of July this year.

collab9 has spent the past 3 years getting the service in place to offer this unique solution certified and ready for market. During this time, VOSS has collaborated closely with collab9 and we are pleased that their solution is further differentiated and includes the VOSS UC management technology (known as CUCDM) as standard to provide advanced automation and intelligent service fulfilment.

The recent certification means that collab9 is the first authorized UCaaS provider to sell cloud-based UC to US government agencies. This six second video sums it up!

What does this mean for government agencies?
To comply with dat security protocol, and in order to keep a high level of control over sensitive data, the traditional way for government departments to consume UC was by building an on premise communications platform. Now, Governments can achieve the same levels of data security from on premise or cloud-based UC, giving government departments the freedom to move their voice and collaboration systems into the cloud, if they wish.

A cloud-based UC offering gives employees immediate and secure access to the latest UC services, such as messaging, integrated voicemail, email, video, UM, presence, contact center, and more. Not only is it highly convenient for government workers to have the latest UC services at their fingertips, collab9 also believes this will unlock substantial cost savings over traditional on premise solutions, by reducing CapEx, reducing staffing costs, and reducing costs associated with compliance.

What does this mean for collab9?
Going forward, collab9 is in a very strong position to target federal, local and state government departments.

Let’s not forget that collab9 is also very partner-centric, and the new FedRAMP authorization provides a conduit for collab9’s partner network to move into the government space as well. So, we foresee some strong and fruitful partnerships between collab9 and other telcos and VARs in the coming months, as all parties grow their footprint in the government space.

What’s more, with its hosted UC cloud-based UC platform in lace, collab9 is set up and ready to go, offering government agencies a broad range of UC components that are integral to collab9’s FedRAMP, including unified messaging, integrated voicemail and email, video calls, mobility, IM, and presence (Jabber), contact center applications, integration with Microsoft O365, Skype for Business, and Gmail, and E911 functionality.

What does this mean for VOSS?
VOSS will continue to provide its UC management technology to collab9, to automate and simplify the challenge of getting new government agencies up and running in the collab9 platform as quickly and efficiently as possible. The VOSS technology will continue to simplify the design, delivery and day-to-day operation of UC services and applications for collab9, ensuring that their end customers profit from collab9’s cloud-based UC platform.

collab9 will also be utilizing the VOSS migration toolset (MiGR8-2-UC) and the VOSS Analytics product from VOSS.

MiGR8-2-UC is a highly sophisticated product that has been designed to carry out big data UC migration projects. MiGR8-2-UC uses a revolutionary methodology to help collab9 rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services to its platform.

The VOSS Analytics module is an intuitive web-based portal that enables collab9 to quickly retrieve information about users, devices, services, licenses and transactions. Historically, gathering data about service usage, service adoption, user trends, and license consumption has been very challenging in a multi-application UC environment. VOSS Analytics provides all this information from a single portal in a matter of seconds. Administrators can now access this single portal to view critical information about their unified communications.


Ina Kelly is Director of Strategic Accounts with responsibility for VOSS UC management sales and strategic initiatives for North America Service Providers. Prior to joining VOSS, she worked in Channel Sales and Business Development senior management roles at Cisco for 10 years.