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Training at VOSS – Building on a Strong 2015


Hadas Arad, Director of Training, VOSS Solutions

The VOSS training team covered a lot of ground in 2015; Across Canada and the USA, to the Netherlands and the UK, across Australia and India, to Chile and Cape Town. In 2015, our team of highly skilled trainers delivered in-depth VOSS technology training classes to 360 students across 40 worldwide locations.

However, we all know that quality is much more important than quantity, right? In 2015, I’m pleased to report that our average rating across all students was 92% (4.6/5), which we believe is a direct result of listening to our students’ feedback and making program improvements.

A real highlight for me is the current CEAP initiative. CEAP (CUCDM Evolution Awareness Program), is designed by VOSS to help existing HCS partners understand the multiple new capabilities and to increase their hands on exposure to the next architecture and capabilities of the CUCDM10 platform.

The aim of the CEAP is threefold:

  • Communicate the new benefits of CUCDM10 as part of HCS10
  • Demystify the process of migrating to HCS10
  • Raise awareness of platform Adaptations and introduce new products such as Analytics and Skype for Business

CEAP courses were provided at no charge, and at two tiers. Step 1 was a VOSS Orientation Workshop, followed by step 2; a CUCDM Deep Dive Workshop.

The response from the HCS partners was impressive. The courses were quickly booked to capacity, and more training dates had to be added to the calendar. As a result of the CEAP initiative, feedback has been that the HCS partner community has a much deeper understanding of the role that CUCDM plays in HCS, and the value CUCDM brings to an HCS environment. Interest in migrating to HCS10 continues to grow, and we look forward to continuing to support this trend in 2016.

So what does the VOSS training team have in store for the coming year?

There are new courses in the pipeline, to support the evolving requirements from our broad customer base.

For example, for Cisco HCS customers, we are currently working two levels of CUCDM training. The Administrator course will offer an introduction to the CUCDM technology, while the Expert course will take a much deeper dive into the advanced configuration in CUCDM, including hands-on experience.

The Administrator course and the Expert course will also be made available to users of the VOSS-4-UC technology, which will appeal to VOSS direct customers.

HCS Partners and VOSS direct customers may also be interested to learn that there will be a new training course on MiGR8-2-UC; our highly sophisticated migration solution that has been designed to carry out big data UC migration projects. MiGR8-2-UC uses a revolutionary DETVL methodology, which discovers, extracts, transforms, validates, and loads large volumes of data, to help organizations rapidly and efficiently migrate large volumes of users, devices and UC services, from an older release of UC (or even from a pre-UC infrastructure) to the latest UC solutions available. It’s hugely popular in the field, and we look forward to providing formal education around it.

At VOSS, we take product education very seriously. As our customers expand their use of the VOSS technology across multiple geographies and business divisions - and as service providers onboard increasing numbers of large corporate clients - we recognise the value in "training the trainer". We plan to expand our scope to offer more “train the trainer” courses, so that our deep knowledge and best practises surrounding VOSS-4-UC and CUCDM is passed far and wide.

If you would like to train a large group of staff, or if you wish to schedule regular training courses from VOSS, then on these occasions the VOSS training team is happy to work with customers to develop and deliver customized training, to suit specific needs.

2016 is set to be the year that VOSS engages with more training partners, to expand our reach geographically. If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please get in touch.

Do you have any questions about training? Would you like to provide feedback after attending a VOSS training course or CEAP workshop? If so, please do not hesitate to get in touch!