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VOSS Analytics – Gaining Momentum in North America

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Rob Moore, VP Global Services, VOSS Solutions 

VOSS is well known for its industry leading UC management technology. A newer addition to our portfolio that is gaining momentum is the VOSS Analytics module that enhances our UC management offering.  

This last Quarter, in North America, we’ve seen a significant uptick in service provider interest in our analytics tool. I’d like to tell you about two examples.

One of the major North American service providers took the opportunity to extend the VOSS Analytics capability to one of its end customers; a 60,000-seat educational establishment.

The end customer was already consuming UC services from the provider’s cloud-based UC platform which was under the management umbrella of VOSS. However, the end customer wanted more autonomy in running reports, rather than requesting them from the provider each time. Because VOSS UC management was integral to the cloud platform, the provider was able to give the customer instant and “anytime” access to VOSS Analytics, and in the process, eliminate the overhead of running reports for the customer. Through intelligent partitioning, the customer was only given access to the data relevant to its business, ensuring that data security and multi-tenancy was preserved.

From the customer perspective, in addition to having direct access to useful and relevant data on its UC activity, it can:

  • Identify if users are using the UC services available to them
  • Incorporate exports generated by VOSS Analytics into existing business reports to enrich corporate reporting and have a better understanding of the usage of their UC services
  • Improve internal cost analysis
  • Troubleshoot problems and identify anomalies in the UC environment
  • View data specific to needs

As a result of this successful trial, the provider is in talks with VOSS to deploy the Analytics tool to a wider user base including other customers as well as internal teams.By installing VOSS Analytics directly onto the cloud UC platform, the provider will use role-based access to decentralize the administration of the analytics tool, allowing multiple customers to access the single instance of VOSS Analytics from a central dashboard. The provider will now be able to create a new revenue opportunity, by offering VOSS Analytics to its entire network of customers on its cloud-based UC platform.

In another scenario, a second North American service provider has deployed VOSS Analytics for its own consumption, to give the provider real-time access to critical data that wasn’t available previously. The provider can now:

  • Generate a report on transactions within a date range
  • Export the transaction report to audit their internal systems that also use the various transactions performed in their UC environment as an input
  • Feed various data exports provided by VOSS Analytics into their billing systems to accurately bill their customers based on UC services consumption

In the future, this provider is also interested in extending the VOSS Analytics capability to its customer base, to add value to its customers’ UC experience and to make sure the customer is getting the best value from its cloud-based UC service.

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