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VOSS Predicts - 2017


  1. Advances in artificial intelligence and deep learning
    Artificial intelligence and deep learning have made a huge impact in 2016 and we predict that 2017 will be the year that the value of AI will hit the communications industry. Look out for organizations that start to embrace the power of big data so that they can understand more about their communications and collaboration environments.
  2. UC mergers and acquisitions
    There have been some fantastic technology advancements in 2016 that are shaking up the UC market. New, innovative and well-priced collaboration tools that ask questions of larger vendors are popping up at an incredible pace. Watch out for an interesting spate of M&A activity as the larger vendors strive to maintain their industry leading position by snapping up some of this cool tech!
  3. The acceptance of cloud communications
    The recent NoJitter research into cloud communications demonstrates that enterprise organizations now prefer a cloud model in which the provider owns, operates, and maintains the communications software within its own or public cloud infrastructure. 2016 saw wide scale adoption by the SME market of the UCaaS model, and we predict that 2017 will be the year in which more and more of the larger enterprises start to consume their communications and collaboration tools from the cloud.
  4. The decline of independent mobility applications VOSS predicts that independent smart clients that are not integrated to the device's operating system and interfaces, such as the keypad, will decrease in popularity. In 2017, organizations will move towards fully integrated UC with smart devices, such as the new Apple OS with the Callkit interface, which will revolutionize mobility for users. Watch all the other mobile device operating systems follow suit and in turn, the UC vendors drop their current smart clients and adopt integrated mobility applications.
  5. UC security
    As more and more enterprises move their communications to the cloud, 2017 will be the year when network and communication platform security become more important than ever, driving investment and innovation in these areas.
  6. Deeper UC integration
    With a growing demand for communication enabled business processes (CEBP), 2017 will see enterprises choose to unlock the full potential of UC by seeking a deeper integration with other business systems.
  7. The desire for best of breed UC
    In 2017, cloud providers will break their loyalty to a single UC vendor, as they instead choose to build their cloud UC offerings based on best of breed solutions. UC vendors will be switched more frequently, as the desire for market differentiation and competitive edge increases. This will result in a huge spike in the complexity of cloud UC environments and a requirement to manage these many disparate elements from a single point of control.
  8. Management as a Service
    As "as a service" models continue to grow in popularity, enterprises will start to look at consuming UC management from the cloud, rather than a traditional on-premise solution. The single price, pay-as-you-go model will appeal to enterprises, as will the promise of low-risk adoption and quick deployment.

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