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VOSS UC Overbuild: A Non-Disruptive Deployment Option


How to introduce unified communications management to an existing system with no end user impact

Derek Smith, Product Marketing Manager, VOSS Solutions

The biggest cost of unified communications (UC) solutions, according to Nemertes Research, is ongoing management. Business communications is becoming more complex with multiple devices, applications, vendors and a mixture of on-premise and cloud options. If you are an enterprise or managed service provider, you have likely seen this complexity affect your ability to cost-effectively manage and administer these systems.

The solution is to implement a centralized management solution, like VOSS-4-UC. At VOSS we have seen customers achieve upwards of 30% higher management efficiency and 50% operational savings after they have deployed VOSS-4-UC. There is a significant opportunity cost by delaying the addition of management automation to your UC solution.

With VOSS and our "Overbuild" technology, you can quickly add management to your communication solution regardless of the complexity. Overbuild, as the name suggests, allows VOSS-4-UC to be implemented over the top of an existing UC environment with little to no impact on end users. This allows you to flexibly introduce process automation and management immediately or through a phased approach:

  1. Introduce Management Immediately:
    Overlay VOSS-4-UC on top of your existing UC deployment and introduce process automation and management immediately, so that you can achieve full system cost savings and productivity improvements.
  2. Introduce Management in Phases:
    Process automation and management can be introduced in phases once you overbuild your existing UC deployment with VOSS-4-UC. This enables you to continue with your existing processes for as long as you prefer, while gaining some immediate management benefits (like self service). You have the option to phase management adoption across your organization or provide different levels of automation for different parts of your business.

VOSS UC Overbuild will automatically capture current network data and sync it to VOSS-4-UC:

  • No need to re-provision
  • No need to change your dial plan
  • No need for major design or migration
  • No need to change your current UC solution design

Every subsequent transaction reads the data on the underlying network to ensure that the management platform is constantly in sync with the network elements. In this way, there is no risk of over-writing configuration or affecting user services.

Contact us today to discuss UC Overbuild in more detail or schedule a proof of concept. Our services team can complete the entire overbuild process or work with your technical team to transition the work and reduce the overall expense.